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Mike Gallo Ball & Vase Exotic Burma Teak Wood

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Mike Gallo Ball & Vase Exotic Burma Teak Wood

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This is our late father's design of the Mike Gallo Ball & Vase. I'm in the middle of doing 1 single run of 50 vases. This design was approved and is still endorsed by Mike Gallo. We can't thank Mike enough for allowing us to continue making props for him and resale.

The vase is a "Shell-less" vase, I've chosen Exotic Burma Teak for this run. The balls are turned from Hard Maple.

Each set includes 1 hand turned Burma Teak ball vase, 2 red 1" balls, 1 black ball and a download link to Mike Gallo's performance and Original handling instructions.

*** You will also receive a download of a live video performance of Mike Gallo performing this for real people!!! 

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A testimonial From Mike Gallo himself….

Ok, for the ball and vase...anyone who knows me knows that i have a passion for the ball and vase. I have collected quite an assortment over the years. Well to my delight, i received one from Jake jr. And i got to tell you...im absolutely in love with it, Besides the fact that it's perfect in size for actuall performance...the quality is second to none! It has a comfortable feel...a great look about it...it has rapidly become my go to B&V. And if that isn't enough...it comes with an affordable price tag when you consider how wonderful the craftmanship is. Personally, i don't think he's charging enough!!! Btw, did i mention you get a really cool video routine with it?
- Mike Gallo

This product is temporarily unavailable

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