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Steve Dusheck's The Hybrid Coin

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Steve Dusheck's The Hybrid Coin

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Steve Dusheck Legacy Magic Effect #2 in the series

Hybrid Coin

3 apparently normal coins are seen to vanish and reappear right in front of the spectator. Coins made to vanish re-appear in your other hand or where ever you want.

This gimmick will allow you to do some amazing effects and it fits right Into your pocket, perform it anywhere, instant reset. Sheer brilliance by Steve.
He was so far ahead of his time, even in the early 80’s.

Everything you need to perform modern miracles is supplied. Nothing to make Or add, everything is included. But the most important inclusion, Steve's original routine & handling.

Available in Quarter or Half Dollar Size.

All coins are Real US coins, no replicas.  All Coins are included with gimmick, nothing else to add or buy.

This product is temporarily unavailable

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