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Thoughts on Steve Dusheck's ONE CARD BRAINWAVE and other curiosities. 

The excerpt below was taken from a conversation with Dusheck.



 ".....and don't forget the fact that the deck of cards can be used for other cards tricks. People always want to know if the trick is examinable so knowing it can be is big.......

Working magicians will like that also.  The main feature of interest to the working magicians who do table hopping close-up and strolling magic is that the trick resets instantly so it can be performed immediately at the next table.  Every magician has bought a brainwave deck or an invisible deck so why would they want to buy a similar effect when they have a version that works?

The Brainwave deck only does one trick and it's not examinable. 

The One Card Brainwave deck can be used as a regular deck and is examinable.

The actual effect of the One Card Brainwave, as seen by the audience, is more powerful and more amazing than the old classic trick all the hobbyists use."

- Steve Dusheck






"Why use a gaffed deck if you don't have to?"

- wise man 




Steve Dusheck introduces a new medium.

Here is just ONE of over EIGHT EFFECTS TAUGHT in this never before seen manuscript.

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Manuscript Contents

* The ORIGINAL One Card Brainwave released in the 70's by Dusheck.

* Larry Becker's Presentation for Dusheck's effect.

* The NEW One Card Brainwave updated by Dusheck.  Better and meaner.  : )

* S.R.S.M.  This is Dusheck's formula for updating an amazing concept.  Introducing a new medium.

* Steve's "simplified" handling of the Brainwave effect.

* A Force To Be Reconned With.  This is Dusheck's handling for another Brainwave effect that teaches a force that will fool magicians.

* Singular Brainwave.  This is a version of Steve's effect that Ben Harris published back in the 80's.  VERY streamlined and yet a very offbeat approach.

* B.P. Bwave.  This is a version of Dusheck's original created by Kranzo.  FASDIU.



As a free bonus Dusheck has decided to give away one of the FUNNIEST gags ever.

“This is the gag that Dusheck would use when he demonstrated the One Card Brainwave at magic conventions. Magicians would be fooled, then laugh....and then buy both items!"


All this for the INTRODUCTORY PRICE of only $14.95.

This is a BUTT LOUD of stuff.  Great ideas from some great thinkers.  BUY IT NOW.  Get the DOWNLOAD INSTANTLY!!!

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