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Chained by Ted Bogusta
Chained by Ted Bogusta

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Chained by Ted Bogusta

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Transformations are amongst the most startling in all of magic. When a spectator sees (with their own eyes) something change into something else, they're left speechless. Chained is a truly magical effect. A half dollar and a gold coin are displayed. The selected coin changes into a fine chain necklace. Imagine the impact this will have on YOUR audience! 


Your hands are shown empty, with nothing added or taken away!


Very visual and you end clean.


Includes: Gold Chain, special Gimmicked Coin, Online Video Instructions


"I just wanted to say that Chained is amazing! It's absolutely beautiful and looks like Real Magic! I'm carrying it around with me constantly."

- Nathan Kranzo


"It's a 10 out of 10... I'll be carrying it everywhere."

- Ekaterina


***I can also provide them made with silver walking liberty halves for $100.  Email me at nathankranzo@gmail.com 

This product is temporarily unavailable

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