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 Kranzo's IEB Training.  


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On this Training INSTANT DOWNLOAD you will learn...


**** Al Baker's Knife Dial.  This is Kranzo's handling of Bakers astonishing effect using a borrowed deck and a borrowed piece of silverware.

****  Salt and Pepper.  A fork or knife is borrowed and you ask them to just THINK of either salt or pepper.  The knife slowly moves and points at the object they are thinking of! 

****  HANDS OFF.  KRANZO also teaches a hands off version using salt and pepper (or any two similar objects) where you can tell them which one they are thinking of while your HEAD IS TURNED!

SPECIAL BONUS!!!  Bentley Penny.  This is the effect that guys have been begging Kranzo for.  He has taken the classic coin bend and added ANIMATION!!!

Order NOW and you'll receive the Elastic Thread Band Training Download INSTANTLY.  You'll be learning and performing these effects in just a few minutes.

Special thanks to DUPONT for patenting the ultra thin elastic thread bands in 1959

 ******SPECIAL NOTE********

These elastic bands are NOT made my Magic Makers, Finn John, Yigal Mesika or any of the other thread sources.  PLEASE DON'T be confused!  : )

Elastic thread that is tied into bands has been available for years from several different sources.  There are even several online companies that will tie your elastic thread for you!  Check them out here


Here is a FREE EFFECT you can perform.

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