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Ultra Versatile Shell

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Ultra Versatile Shell

These new expanded shells are killer.

Not only are they the right price….but they work like a charm.

*Here is why they are so cool. *The shell was made in such a way that the inside of the shell displays the tail. You can actually flash the inside of the shell and not worry! How cool is that???!!!

As you can see in the photos above even from a few inches away its nearly impossible to tell the inside from the top.

The original idea was published by Tom Gagnon in his book Sleightly Original. Years later a high priced version hit the market called The MINT. It never really took off because of the price and most magicians couldn’t justify spending the extra cash just for a few extra display moves.

One of my pet effects has always been Tom Gagnon’s coin to eye effect from that same book. Look it up and you’ll have a coin effect you can carry in your pocket that will slay laymen AND magicians.

Click PLAY to see the basic idea behind Tom’s effect.

Even if you don’t perform Tom’s effect this is a shell that is VERY low priced and can be used for any expanded shell effect in the literature. And there are hundreds…….

Fitting Tip

These shells are expanded BUT they are met to fit the coin snug unlike most UNIVERSAL shells that fit loose. This is a good thing. So….you may encounter a half dollar that fits too tight. I recommend going to the local bank and picking up a few “well warn” halves. Thats what I did and they all fit perfect. If you find your shell fits too snug and you don’t have any other coins….two minutes with a nail file around the edge of the coin will solve your problem!

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