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Blue Poker/ 4 Card Repeat and The Two Card Trick

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Blue Poker/ 4 Card Repeat and The Two Card Trick

Blue Poker (Four Card Repeat)

This routine has become one of the most popular tricks at my lectures. People have named it "four card repeat" because it's very similar to the old classic "six card repeat". But with a great ending.   At the end the cards can display a message or display several different colors or several different back designs. Or a happy birthday note.  Or the company logo… Anything you wish. 

The performer announces that he would like to perform the famous effect "blue poker" using three blue kings. It will only work if you have three blue cards. Suddenly and unexpectedly a fourth King appears. This king is discarded or tossed off stage. The performer now fans the cards to show exactly 3 Kings and now he can start the effect. But...once again suddenly and unexpectedly a fourth King appears visually and the performer just tosses it away in disgust!

The performer once again spreads the card showing only three kings and now he can finally perform the effect. But of course unexpectedly and suddenly a fourth king appears, this king is discarded like the others and just when he spreads the cards to show there are only three Kings he realizes that the trick won't work because...

The cards have changed color!!!

He turns the cards around to show that he has three RED backed kings. He tosses them high into the air one at a time and walks off stage confused to huge laughs and applause!!!!!

Blue Poker is a essentially one of the easiest and most entertaining card openers you will ever see! It can be done for one person or a theater full of people on stage.

This is a standup self working handling of Tommy Tucker's six card repeat done with four cards that makes it much simpler and easier for the spectators to follow. So easy to follow that even a three-year-old would understand the effect and laugh at it.

It has a funny and surprising ending that is quick and effective and resets in seconds.

A fantastic opener for any card worker, close up magician or stand up/stage performer.

Upon purchase you will be mailed the very specially prepared cards for you to perform with. 




The 2 Card Trick

The second card trick or packet trick that I have not really shared with anyone until now is what I like to call "the two card trick".   I first received the trick when I was given the Mark Wilson Complete Course in Magic as a child. It came with the special cards to perform the "two card trick" by Theodore Deland.

 I always loved the trick and for years I wished I could perform the trick and be able to hand the cards out at the end. Well I finally came up with a version and the routine is super visual and super fun to watch.  It sells out at every lecture I give. I hope you enjoy it :-) 

 When you purchase the trick it will come with the special gaffed cards that you need to perform the trick. Obviously the joker is especially gaffed so you can vanish it at the end. I'm not just dropping it in my pocket or on the floor. This vanish really makes the trick play big and you can perform this on stage !!!!

 And because the joker vanishes at the end you are left clean :-) 


****Blue Poker is only $10 and "the two card trick" is $15. But you can get both for the very special low price of $20 for a limited time! 


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