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Dual Position Magnetic Coin Set by Ted Bogusta
Dual Position Magnetic Coin Set by Ted Bogusta
Dual Position Magnetic Coin Set by Ted Bogusta
Dual Position Magnetic Coin Set by Ted Bogusta
Dual Position Magnetic Coin Set by Ted Bogusta
Dual Position Magnetic Coin Set by Ted Bogusta

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Dual Position Magnetic Coin Set by Ted Bogusta

This product is temporarily unavailable

These were available for a brief period of time, but quickly sold out.

They sold out everywhere and are extremely hard to find!!

Triple Split sets of thin magnetic coins have become very popular. They have also replaced the use of shells in many routines. 

When you purchase the new Dual Position magnetic coin set you will receive a video link to my personal routine that I use for the set.


This is not available anywhere else in the world!!!!


I'm ONLY sharing it with the people that buy this coin set.


My routine is very visual and extremely magical.


Three beautiful silver walking liberty half dollars are produced one at a time. The first coin is produced from a flash of fire! Then in the most magical way, the three coins vanish one at a time.....until you are left with nothing.


Then, for the big finale, the three coins are again produced in a very magical way.


The routine is extremely practical and can be done anytime anywhere.


And I should probably mention it will FOOL the snot out of people....


There have been many versions released by many different companies but most are basically the same. Until now…


What Ted Bogusta created is a magnetic system he calls Dual Position which uses specially designed and manufactured magnets that allow the magnetic coins to overlap without aligning.


This system allows you to place the overlapping coins in your hands, on the table, or even in the spectators hands.

The coins are also a little thicker than most which allows them to be shown as full sized coins as opposed to shims.

Of special interest to coin magic experts and creators is that all the sets are made with north magnets on the heads, and south magnets on the tails. This allows you to purchase multiple sets to combine into larger routines like a matrix.

Also of note is that we only use real coins as opposed to the counterfeits that our competitors advertise.


►Walking Liberty Silver Halves: Made using real Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollars with matching dates that were minted between 1916-1947. The coins have also been cleaned or aged, so they match in wear and color.


Comes with a triple split set of magnetic coins that are imbedded with Ted Bogusta’s Dual Position Magnets. A set includes three coins (two North Heads and one South Tails).

No instructions included.

EXTREMELY limited stock. Get yours before they sell out!!!!

This product is temporarily unavailable

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