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Easy Card Magic
Easy Card Magic
Easy Card Magic
Easy Card Magic

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Easy Card Magic

“Dark Triumph is brilliant”

- Steve Mayhew



"Chock full of amazing stuff."

- John Guastaferro



"You can’t go wrong with this fascinating book. Easy card magic of top-notch quality, made easier by the crystal-clear explanations from an expert."

-Rafael Benatar





***Self working with no difficult sleights.


***Softbound Book


*** 75 Pages of card magic


***Over 40 Clear Photos


Several false shuffles and cuts are taught along with THIRTEEN effects.  Including TEN NEW routines that have never seen print. 

False Dribble Cut
Himber Cut
Jay Ose Cut
Optical False Shuffle / John Kennedy
Charlier Shuffle
Max Holden Force
Crimp Location


Easy Canasta
Based on the famous "cards in pockets" performed on TV by Chan Canasta. This self working version can be presented close up or on the largest stage. After multiple shuffles the spectator pockets three cards in three different pockets. You show that you have predicted the three cards in the exact three pockets with 100% accuracy!!!

Dark Triumph

is a triumph that happens IN THEIR HANDS and just might be worth the price of the book alone.

Roll Over Kings
Based on the famous Ron Ferris/Derek Dingle "Rollover Ace Production", this self working version retains the original charm and visual aspect with no work.

Easy Oil And Water
This oil and water will not only fool lay people but it will fool Magicians! The entire effect happens in their hands...this is one of the routines in the book that will become a classic!

Pocket Transpo
A very direct "two card transpo" that happens in the spectators own pocket! The spectator does the dirty work themselves. Based on a brilliant idea found in a coin trick created by Ken Krenzel.

Princess of Color
The classic "Princess card trick" with an amazing finale. You show a fan of five cards and they think of one. You place one card unknown in your back pocket as a prediction. They name their card. You show that you predicted the exact card perfectly. Not only that, but their thought of card is shown to have a RED back and all the other cards are BLUE. It's like a hybrid of the "princess card trick" and a "brainwave" finale. An extremely powerful self working miracle.

Deal With It Aces
A very surprising "four ace production". Revelations that happen in the spectators own hands are so powerful and hard to beat. This is one.....and you will use it forever.

Behind The Back Aces
A very stunning four ace revelation done "with one hand behind your back". But then comes the monster ending. Their selected card appears in their own hands!!!!!

Sperry Aces
A super visual Ace production that anyone can do. And Dan Sperry loves.

Netflix and Chilly
My favorite trick in the book. After a card is selected you go on an imaginary trip to the movies or Netflix and chill. They get to choose which kind of movie, what snacks to eat, to drink etc. and each one of their answers are spelled as you deal through the deck. No matter what their answer are, you always reveal their selected card to finish!!!

Crimp Off
A very funny card revelation that will have them laughing. You will learn an amazing versatile location along the way.

Farmer Of The Gods
Inspired by a brilliant idea of Bob Farmer's. In this routine two volunteers each select a card while you're back is turned. You turn around and find their cards using mind reading under impossible conditions.

Voice Test
You will learn a deadly tool. One of the sneakiest "key card" placements ever. Allowing you to find any card by apparently listening to the spectator's tone of voice.

Three cards are selected and lost in the deck. The presentation revolves around a "quick draw" contest like they used to have in the Wild West. With the speed of Flash Gordon you quickly produce the first two selections and the third selection ends up inside the card box for a magical finish.

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