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Kranzilla Unleashed!!! BOOK
Kranzilla Unleashed!!! BOOK
Kranzilla Unleashed!!! BOOK

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Kranzilla Unleashed!!! BOOK


Clever, quirky, original, commercial, funny, different, practical – these are just some of the words that you can use to describe the magic of Nathan Kranzo.


In this collection of his ideas for stand up and close up, you will find magic to suit a wide spectrum of tastes and audience types. With effects ranging from visibly sliding a tan line up your arm, right through to enabling a spectator to cut to the four Aces, Nathan combines raw cunning with extensive magical knowledge to produce magic that is always interesting and usually totally baffling.


And running through all the material is the Kranzo sense of humour which is at one moment subtle and mischievous, and the next raw and basic! He loves to have fun with his spectators and while much of the magic in this book includes his comedy presentations, Nathan also explains a number of great visual gags that you can place straight into your act.


Nathan’s audiences love his memorable magic, and so will you!




Apple and Orange Transpo

Mental Credit Cards

Princess Of Colour

Copper Silver Gold Flash Paper

Invisible Deck Ideas

Easy Oil And Water

Balloon To Huh?

Dark Triumph

The Lighter Tip

Porn Name

The Cup

Implied Box Transposition

Fire Wallet Opener

Nifty Ring Force

Deal With It Aces

A Parting Gift

B.T. Book Test

Hot Fingers

Invisible Elasticity II

Tips On The Classic “No” Gag

Tic Tac Vanish

Gen X Peek

Left Field Prediction

Stink Bank

Tic Tac Penetration

Lotto Mind Reading Opener

Single Coin Thru Table

Handful Of Balls Gag

Bande Du Soleil

Baking Time

Riffle Giggle

Boxes and Pockets

Signature Appearance

Frisbee Gag

EZ Canasta

Thought Of Card Revelation

Card Box Sandwich Penetration

Overboard Triumph



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