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Mystery boxes are guaranteed to include over $80 worth of items.


Here are a few examples of items that will be in the box:


The Stone Purse

The Tru Test

The Superball

Coin Magic DVDs

Special gimmicks

Mentalism DVDs

Lecture Notes

Card Magic DVDs

Card Tricks with Bicycle Gaffs

Magnetic Chinese Reels

Coin Gaffs (like the PK coin or half dollar shell)

Utility Vanishing Reel

Stone Purse

52 Gone Vanishing Deck

Fingertip Pocket Writer (MENTALISM)

Tic Tac Gimmick (for vanishing TicTac‘s)

Instant Download Cards

(I have tons of these!!!! They cover coin magic, card magic, comedy magic, mentalism marketing and more!!!)


***Coin Magic Mystery Box

Includes Coin Magic DVDs, coin magic booklets, several coin magic instant downloads, utility vanisher, precision made coin gaff and more!


***Card Magic Mystery Box

Includes Card gaffs, Card Magic DVDs, complete card magic ebooks, Card Magic Instant Downloads and cool gimmicks you’ll love!


***Mentalist Mystery Box

Includes several Mentalism DVDs, tons of Mentalism Downloads and a secret Mentalism device in every box!  Will include at least one book test or my magazine test plus gimmicks.


***Surprise ME!!! - General Magic Mystery Box

We will surprise you with a boat load of awesome magic tricks, gimmicks, DVDs and downloads you will be like a kid in a candy store!!!


Questions about
Kranzo’s Box
***If I order two of the same boxes will you make them different?
Yes. Several people have ordered multiple boxes and I will make sure that all the items are different.
***Will I get a Tru Test if I order the MENTALISM box?
You will receive either the Tru Test or Dictionary Test. But you can email me your preference :-)
***If I order the Card Box can I get Easy Card Magic book?
Sure!! you can get my vanishing deck or the book. Just email me your preference.
***Does every box come with downloads too?
Yes every box will come with a ton of DVDs and downloads.
***Does every box come with a magnetic reel?
Yes!! Every box comes with a cool magnetic reel you can use to vanish coins, keys, lighters etc.

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