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Looper by HUNTER
Looper by HUNTER
Looper by HUNTER
Looper by HUNTER

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Looper by HUNTER

With this amazing utility ring box you can make a ring appear, shrink, vanish, transform into a completely different ring or visually grow in size!


It’s all done with a little “shake” of the box….

The amazing Gimmicked box does all the work for you. Think of it as a HIMBER wallet. It’s essentially the same technology placed into a ring box. 

*Produce one ring. Close the box. And when you open it again there is now a second ring!

*Turn a small piece of coal into a diamond ring!

*A silver ring changes into a completely different GOLD ring!

*Show the box empty and instantly a ring appears!!!

*A gold ring visually shrinks into a tiny teeny miniature ring!

*A small ring visually grows into a giant wedding ring!!!

* You may cause a borrowed ring to visually vanish!!

* This is probably my favorite idea… You borrow a spectator’s ring, and amazingly make it vanish and reappear in an impossible location!


All this and so much more…

Keep in mind you are not limited to rings. Any small object that fits in the box can be vanish, morph, appear or multiply!!!

The possibilities are endless!!!

The beautifully Gimmicked box makes it self working! Get yours before they are gone!!

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