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Detroit Lecture Notes

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Detroit Lecture Notes

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The Tic Tac Trick 
Kranzo will teach a very clever way to vanish a handful of tic tacs. You can also cause the tic tacs to penetrate the box or even change color.

VISUAL in the hands Triumph
My favorite "in the hands triumph" routine. Can use a borrowed Deck and no table needed!  The spectators can have drinks in their hands because the selection is made from a free dribble selection.  Perfect for cocktail parties and strolling.

Coins thru table 
This is Kranzo's handling of the famous Milt Kort coins thru table.  The last coin happens in their hand :-)

Eye opener 
A funny and hilarious opener with a fake eyeball that pops back into your head.

Blue poker 
A stand-up card routine that can be done for a small or large audience, young or old, with built in comedy and a surprise ending. Oh and it's self working.

Deal With It Aces
A self working ace production that happens in the spectator's hands.

Falling water Bottle
And Falling Chapstick
I teach a very clean way to cause a water bottle or a borrowed Chapstick to fall over and roll off the table.  Both items are normal and unprepared.

Coins Thru Table
This is my handling of the famous Milt Kort visua coins thru table routine. The last coin actually penetrates through their hand!

EZ Canasta 
A self working card miracle where three selected cards placed in three different pockets of the spectator match perfectly the cards in the magicians pocket!!!

People Vanish
This is my favorite routine with a slate.  Several audience members have their names written down on a blackboard slate.  The slates are then placed together and a tissue is placed inside. After the magic incantation happens the slates are revealed and all of the names have been erased except for the chosen name!

Balloon Monte 
A balloon is blown up and placed inside one of two bags. They are mixed up and the spectator guesses wrong! For the finale the balloon does something amazing......well it's a surprise!!!

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