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A stunning Book Test for the modern thought reader.

Imagine having in your pocket a powerful demonstration of thought reading. Perform one on one, or on the largest stage.

A thought reading demonstration with a pocket dictionary. Over 35,000 words.

“Simple, practical, strong, and fits in your back pocket.


What more could you ask for?"


- Lee Asher

DICTION rocks, Nathan. Great stuff. I’ve been working with it informally and it kills…”

- Jim Sisti




Click PLAY to watch DICTION


“…..I couldn’t believe how devilishly simple and yet so powerful it was. The best part is that I was able to do it within minutes of opening the package. I couldn’t wait to do it for the guys last night because this is a must have. Very clever indeed Mr. Kranzo.”

- Aaron DeLong

“Nathan I gotta tell you this really is my favorite new mental effect I carry with me everywhere I go…”

- Joel Tate

" For anyone seeking a book test you can carry in your pocket for those occasional situations when an impromptu demonstration is appropriate, this is just what you’re looking for."

- Dick Christian

“I saw Diction performed last night and became a big fan. Very portable and easy to carry around for a strolling performer. I have invested in quite a few different booktests and even carried a booktest in my close-up bag, but this one I can carry right on me.

After seeing the workings on this, I will be picking one up from Nate."

- Michael Dustman


Diction. The real work.

Diction is based on ideas from Ray Hyman, C.L. Boarde, and several others combined with practical additions I discovered through real world performances. More importantly…you will be provided with the perfect tools to carry a monster mental effect in your pocket. What could be more innocent than a pocket dictionary? Not to mention it has over 35,000 words and definitions! Impressive.

IF I pulled out a book you have never seen before you might be suspect, but this innocent and handy pocket dictionary is completely normal and examinable! Not to mentioned it is a Webster’s New World Dictionary, which is the most commonly recognized dictionary in the WORLD.

Diction can be performed for one person at the coffee shop or for 800 people in a theater. Several subtle techniques are combined to create an unexplainable feat of mentalism.

*Effect *

You introduce Webster’s pocket dictionary containing over 35,000 defined words. You have a page selected by people choosing random numbers. No cards, dice, or math of any kind are used to select a page in a contrived way. Lets say page 42 is selected. The person holding the dictionary is asked to turn to that page. The performer can now instantly reveal AT LEAST TWO WORD REVELATIONS FOR ANY PAGE SELECTED. Not only that but the performer can even give details about the word and even full definitions!

*What you get…. *

1. The most important prop is this Webster’s New World Pocket Dictionary. Note that this dictionary is ideal for carrying in your pocket and repeat use. It can also be examined.


2. That special something for the dictionary test. You’ll understand soon.

3. The DICTION instruction booklet PDF 

4. BONUS ROUTINE Emotional Reaction Book Test. Inspired by Larry Becker, Dany Tong, David Hoy, and Dai Vernon.

All this for the amazingly low introductory price of $44.95

Get yours before they run out. This is a piece of mentalism that will be used by many for years to come.

Just click purchase and we will ship you your DICTION KIT within 24 hours of your order. You will have it in just a few days. You will be blowing minds with this effect the same day you get it.

Order NOW before they are gone forever!!!

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