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Mindzilla Mind Reading Series Volume 2

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Mindzilla Mind Reading Series Volume 2

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BACK IN BLACK is the effect I do when I can’t think of anything else to do and I just want to hit them hard with something they can’t explain. Its a mindf#&%.”

- Joel Tate
Pro Magician/Mentalist

“I LOVE the “Back in Black” routine — this is an impromptu killer that most folks would overlook."

- Doug MacGeorge

In this new volume Kranzo will share with you…

  • Close Up Mentalism
  • Stand Up Mentalism
  • TWO Comedy Mentalism GAGS
  • A Psychological Subtlety For The Hoy Book Test
  • A Psychological Subtlety For Paul Rosini’s The Mystery of The Blackboard Glimpse (originally attributed to Annemann)
  • An incredible Pipe Dream

Three Wads

This is a fun and quick psychological effect that is based on the old Mental Choice dealer effect. Remember the effect where you were supplied with an envelope containing a few cards and a pen? It was a three-way multiple out that always played very strong. In fact The Amazing Kreskin performed it on Television to great effect! Kranzo has simplified it and given it a modern feel and a strong hook. MONEY and SEX!!! You’ll learn a family friendly version and an ADULT version.

TWO Comedy Mentalism Gags

A new framing for the classic “NO” Gag. Kranzo presents this on stage for a great laugh. You don’t perform the classic bit and you don’t reveal the word NO….but its really funny. We can’t tip anything more! : ) Kranzo will also share with you a hilarious way to revel a letter when performing a book test, center tear, peak etc.

Back in Black

Kranzo’s work on the now classic Three Object Test where three borrowed objects are placed into three different pockets, or held by three different people, and you can then turn around and describe which object is in what pocket or “Who’s Got What”. Kranzo uses no gimmicks and it can be done anywhere. An impromptu effect this strong that you can keep in your head at all times is priceless.

A Psychological Subtlety For The Hoy Book Test

A real worker for anyone wanting to add some ZIP to their Hoy Book Test routine. This is an extremely strong psychological subtlety for the David Hoy Book Test that you will immediately use and adapt!!!

A Psychological Subtlety For Paul Rosini’s The Mystery of The Blackboard Glimpse (originally attributed to Annemann)

Need we say more?


This will be the second in an underground series called Kranzo’s Pipe Dreams. Kranzo will tip a SICK plot and then later reveal methods.

This one involves fire, money, a book and an impossible outcome that will be remembered forever by anyone watching.

You get a stand up, a close up effect, TWO STRONG subtleties that can be applied to classic effects AND a comedy gag AND Kranzo’s Pipe Dreams for only $19.99!!!

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