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Mindzilla Vol. 3

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Mindzilla Vol. 3

You can get the MINDZILLA SAMPLER for FREE!!! WARNING. PG-13 and R rated material ahead. This has a small section taken from all THREE VOLUMES. PLUS. You'll even get a sneak peek at VOLUME FOUR!!!

Here are two clips that give you a preview of one of my favorite mind reading card effects. The first video is the performance and the second is the explanation.




Here is a list of contents. 


Gum Thought

First you predict that someone will think of a piece of gum.  Then you blow a bubble that matches the color they are thinking of.  NO FORCE.  They freely name a color and you blow the bubble.  


Gen X Peak

A simple and DEAD EASY peak that you'll use.  Uses every day business cards.  Use it to gain information and glimpse anything.


Thought Of Card Revelation

Just that.  A thought of card revelation that rocks hard.  Uses any deck of cards.  No gaffs.


B.T. Book Test

A simple and effective book test that will come in handy.  Can be done with ANY book handed to you that you have never seen or touched.


Boxes and Pockets   

Three match boxes (or other objects) are placed in ANY pocket and ANYWHERE the spectator decides.  In each pocket there is found to be an engraved coin that predicts the EXACT outcome with 100% accuracy.


Porn Name

You reveal a prediction that accurately predicts someone's porn name.  (You know...the old thing where you combine the name of your first family pet with the street you grew up on...)   

The porn name is revealed written on the piece of paper that she caught before she EVER EVEN revealed that information!


Instant Idiot

Kranzo's devilishly sneaky way to cue information to a spectator like a word, a number or card value which leaves no evidence and no chance to get caught.


Name Stab  

(Another edition of Kranzo's Pipe Dreams)

Kranzo reveals yet another fantastic plot and creative effect involving a knife and 5 phone books. 



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Invisible Deck Notes Vol. 1 contains 35 tips, effects, suggestions, must knows and GOTTA HAVES if you own an Invisible Deck.   


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