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Mindzilla Vol. 3 ULTIMATE COMBO

***Royal Oak Lecture Notes*** -

These are my most recent set of lecture notes from 2010

These notes include my FAVORITE impromptu book test.  Using muscle reading to reveal the thought of word leads to an amazing revelation.   

EZ INTUITION is a favorite effect I use to establish a connection and instant physical interaction with my audience.  They select their OWN card THREE different times in THREE different ways.  Each way seeming more impossible until finally THEY cut to their own thought of card. 

FOXY RING or as I like to call it "card at any slice".  Inspired by an idea from the great Karrell Fox  a thought of card appears at the freely named number of slices dealt through a loaf of bread.   It is a fooler and FUNNY as hell.  : )  This was the hit of my recent southern lecture tour.

Also included is a devilishly clever and SIMPLE use for the invisible deck.  

A charming and very strong effect where you predict IN WRITING someone's birthday which is written on a business card concealed inside a purse they have been holding.  A few old favorite Kranzo effects like DRINK where a THOUGHT OF drink is revealed in a clean and easy manner.

facebook Mental Hook which is Kranzo's simple and elegant use for a classic piece of mentalism.  You reveal a thought of object or task wrapped around a facebook presentation that makes sense and is fun to perform.

I have not even listed all of the effects.



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