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Mindzilla Vol. 4
Purchase Volumes 1-3 and get this volume FREE!!!

Mental Credit Cards
A great effect that you can carry in your wallet using a credit card that shows you can PREDICT the future.  


The Solo Cup

Inspired by Ted Annemann. An anytime anywhere three envelope test using no envelopes and nothing but a borrowed cup and a few borrow pieces of paper. 


The Clock Prediction

An amazing coincidence using a borrowed spectator's watch....no gimmicks and no preshow. This is one that mentalists all over the world will soon be using.


The Force Ring

A simple way to force a card, a word, or just about any thought that is very versatile and you will want to use immediately.


The Haunted Typewriter

A pipe dream or "problem posed" if you will. A haunted typewriter starts to type a thought of word chosen from a stack of books.


Haunted Box

Not only do you reveal what card they are thinking of but then the card slowly and magically rises from the box. Uses no threads or magnet. This uses an old gimmick in a new way you will love.


Stink Tank

A "just chance" type of an effect using a can of fart spray and deadly consequences.

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