Sharpie "Tip Pen" by D. Juan Sanchez

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Pen and ideas constructed by D. Juan Sanchez

Thanks to Larry White the creator of the original tip pen.


The performer displaying his strong mental powers causes a Sharpie pen to wobble and then fall off the table edge! An incredible display of mentalism done with an every day object.

  • No Magnets, Thread, or Electronics.
  • Completely examinable.
  • The performer can stand as far away as they want.
  • You can control the time delay.
  • Each Sharpie is HAND MADE.
  • Special Colors and Style available upon request.

Click PLAY to see a DEMO

When you purchase the Sharpie Tip Pen you will receive a normal every day black Sharpie as seen in the photo above. You know….the ones you see EVERYWHERE! But its NOT normal. It’s ready to fall off the table, or a glass whenever you want it to.

Presentational Ideas

You can talk about the ghost of Papa Lou who died while writing a letter. Every time pens or pencils are left out they end up being found in different rooms, tossed on the ground, or even gone completely. Lets see if the spirit of Papa Lou is here tonight…. (then proceed with effect).

Sympathetic Pens. One Sharpie is set on the table edge and a SECOND Sharpie is held at the figertips. When the second Sharpie is dropped to the floor the first Sharpie falls off the table as well!

Also taught is one of Juan’s pet effects! House parties are great for this effect because you can really talk up the presentation and get everyone involved. Just before the pen falls their home television turns off…the pen falls…they all scream!


ANY problems and we’ll replace it for free no questions asked.


All orders are shippied within 24 hours!!! Order your SHARPIE TIP PEN today and be performing miracles in just a few days.

This product is temporarily unavailable

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