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It’s here.

Here is the video that started a wave. For months I had to constantly delete comments that people made about the video. Not because they were guessing the method, but because they were accusing me of using special FX or camera editing. Not true.

Not true at all.

This video was shot a few years back with a terrible web cam. Its included for completness and to document the history of the effect.

Special thanks to Paul Harris. I am honored to share this effect with you that spawned from one of his great ideas. After sharing the effect with him he was very happy. When asked for his blessing he said “consider yourself blessed”.

I do. : )

Below is an updated demo with a much better camera.

Now imagine doing it with $100 bills. Thats the real way to do it.

- Step by step DVD training – Create the gimmick in less than 4 minutes! – Easy to do…virtually self working – Resets in 3 seconds – Can be performed close up or stand up -

As you can see the visual transformation is stunning. In this particular handling I perform a short ambitious card type sequence. Its totally up to you. On the Pimpin’ DVD I explain how you can perform dozens of different card effects and then go right into this startling transformation.

One of my favorite handlings involves walking up to a group of people and offering them a card for a card effect. As they reach out their hand the deck morphs into a handfull of cash ”Heck with the card tricks…lets do some REAL MAGIC!”.

I then go into a bill effect….or anything for that matter.

This is a fantastic opener for close up or even stand up as the transformation can be seen by large groups.

People literally scream when they see this transformation. Turning money into more money is one thing….but when a normal everyday object explodes into a handfull of cash it hits them in the head AND the heart. There is such a strong emotional and social connection with money.

This kills.

This effect can be performed with any bills that are similar in width to a playing card. The length doesn’t matter.

As Chris Kavanagh and Curtis Kam have already pointed out this is the perfect presentation for a card to wallet. The deck changes to money…..”Wait…that money was in my wallet…that means…”, then you produce the card from your wallet. The perfect transpo!

Please note that when you purchase the DVD or the DOWNLOAD you will receive the complete PIMPIN’ training video. You won’t see me performing for actors who pretend to be interested, won’t see me performing it on top of the Empire State Building, or on the streets of Hollywood etc. Just me sitting down and teaching it to you one on one. I provide detailed instructions on how to EASILY construct the gimmick in minutes, how to handle the gimmick in performance, bonus tips, presentation tips and more.

Now you can purchase the DVD.

Or you can purchase the Download.

OR you can purchase both and save some cash!

The shipping date for the DVDs will be no later than AUGUST 2nd. If you purchase the Download you will receive it instantly TODAY!

Historical Note

Patrick Page started it all with his effect EZ Money or Flash Cash. Eric DeCamps has a great small packet of cards to money effect on the Stars Of Magic #6 DVD and it is also marketed as separate effect titled Jokers Are Wild. John Kennedy also needs mentioning as he created a great effect called Dollar Monte that is no longer on the market. And of course…the P.H. Vanishing Deck created by Paul Harris.

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