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Mental Frisbee
Mental Frisbee

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Mental Frisbee


“How To Get Them Laughing Within Seconds And KEEP The Audience In The Palm Of Your Hand”

At last, a mentalism opener that fits in your pocket and can play to hundreds of people.

“When I added Mental Frisbee as an opener to my act it changed the flow and energy of my show for the better. The crowd was instantly laughing and astonished.”
-Justin Hanes
Portland, OR

“Compliments…very entertaining effect. Best wishes from Italy.”
World renowned entertainer and mentalist

Dear Fellow Entertainer:

In just a minute, I’m going to give you all the details about a tool for magicians and mentalists who sincerely want to add some comedy and strong mind reading to their act.

The $2,500.00 Frisbee???

Over the past few years whenever I shared this routine with a fellow performer they would immediately ask if the effect was available. You see…..the laughter and visual color this routine creates makes it so unique and commercial that you would be silly to not want to perform it.

A very popular mentalist offered $2,500.00 to me if he could perform it exclusively for one year. He said if I ever plan to sell it it should sell for no less than $1,000.00 or people won’t appreciate what they have…a refined routine from a pro’s act. And a really good one at that.

Here are a few reasons why it might be of value and interest to you…..

It’s the perfect opener, which is PRICELESS to the professional performer.
It packs flat. VERY flat.
The routine involves a ton of audience participation.
You fill up the stage WITHOUT an expensive illusion.
The routine plays just as well for 30 people as it does for 3000.
The effect is funny AND strong mentalism.
The use of Frisbees gives the routine unique appeal.
The routine includes a full professional script for you to follow.
The routine is full of comedy to put the audience at ease.
And that’s just the beginning of the knowledge that is shared in this routine.

The BIG SECRET about Mental Frisbee is how I used it to set up other classics of mentalism. I will include the exact routine I follow up with including great ideas from David Hoy, Ron Wilson, and David Ben.

MENTAL FRISBEE contains important timing and performance techniques that will help you command the stage, develop a rapport with the audience, and make you look like an amazing entertainer.

MENTAL FRISBEE is the cullmination of several techniques and principles combed from the minds of some of the fields top mentalists. There are some bonus ideas from Michael Weber that will add quite a bit to your performance if you try them out. I’m sure you will.

MENTAL FRISBEE is simple to understand and there are no “moves” or sleight of hand. The method is based on clever principles combined with being WAAAAY ahead of the audience. This is NOT a routine based on suggestion or NLP. This is a strong routine that will always work and always conclude succesfully with a strong punch.

Here is the effect as seen by the audience:

Five frisbees are tossed out into the audience. Whoever catches a Frisbee is asked to join the performer on stage. The performer explains that the people who caught the Frisbees may seem random, but are in fact not. Adding to that he explains that certain people “attract” particular colors. The “law of attraction” if you will.

As each person approaches the stage the performer gives a hilarious comedy reading to them regarding their color.

As a finale the performer explains he will test an audience member to see if they can read the performer’s mind.

A sixth volunteer is asked to try and read the performer’s mind and “receive” the thought of color the performer is trying to send him mentally.

After a little humorous banter the volunteer finally announces the color that has popped into his mind. To the complete astonishment of the audience the performer proceeds to show that indeed the volunteer is correct in his “hunch”.

It looks like this…..

The performer tells the volunteer to “blurt out the color that pops into their mind when I snap my fingers”. They say “green” for example, and then the performer announces “that’s exactly right!” and it gets a huge laugh. Then the performer proceeds to show proof that was the target color via a great reveal that is NOT just pulling a piece of paper out your pocket that says “green”.
The five different colors are represented by the frisbees the spectator’s hold as “Human Visual Aids” if you will. The spectators can also be used in a dramatic way to help with the final revelation.

The volunteers are then used for a very strong follow up effect where each one of their thoughts are revealed.

This effect is taught as a bonus routine in the manual. If you are a pro entertainer, or thinking about going pro, you can’t afford to NOT use this hilarious and strong mentalism effect.

“So What DO I Get When I Purchase This Effect?”

- You will receive the complete Mental Frisbee manuscript PDF detailing the VERY CLEVER SECRET TO THE EFFECT, the detailed handling, presentation and framing of the effect, plus additional thoughts and ideas that can be added to the routine. Within this PDF is also the complete script which is packed full with all the comedy lines and audience management. You will also get Nathan’s follow up routine that he performs after Mental Frisbee with ideas from David Hoy, David Ben, and Ron Wilson. This manuscript is signed and numbered.

- A certificate giving you full performance rights and TV rights.

- The FIVE special soft frisbees. These frisbees are made from special material that enables them to fold up and fit in your pocket. Each frisbee comes with it’s own very small nylon pouch.
You will receive all of this for only $174.95!!!


Purchase Mental Frisbee now for only $174.95

*Frisbees will come in an assortment of colors.  If you receive a pink frisbee instead of an orange, just simply replace It with a different reading like “pink means passion” etc. 

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