Moving Tanline DVD

Nathan Kranzo’s Moving Tanline 


Magicians often claim there are no new effects in magic. Nathan Kranzo proves that’s a lie. His tan line trick is funny, startling, and completely original. 

- Teller


Nathan Kranzo’s Tan Line is the perfect excuse to put down that magic book, get out of the house and get some sun. Tan lines have never been so “in vogue”. A unique and fantastic effect from a brilliant thinker in magic – again.  

- Homer Liwag



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Can you move YOUR tan-line?

Do you want to do something that NO ONE has ever seen close-up before?

Imagine this……

You take off your watch, and show everyone your embarrassing tan line. Announcing that you would like to make it move, you grab your tan-line with your other hand, and slowly move it up your arm traveling toward your shoulder! I am not kidding. You really move your tan-line up your arm so that it’s hidden by your shirt sleeve. The spectators can feel it, see it and agree – your tan-line is less noticeable beneath your shirt.

Let me repeat — The tan-line can be examined to ensure that it’s not fake. It is genuine TAN-LINE. A tan-line that you can magically move at will!

The Moving Tanline is a favorite among top professional magicians.

This effect has caught the attention of magicians all over the world from David Copperfield to Penn and Teller who filmed it for their NBC special Off The Deep End.

Marco Tempest performed this on his series The Virtual Magician which aired in over 40 countries.
Most recently this effect was featured by Chris Korn on the series Mondo Magic.

Nathan will teach the real work that only comes from years of refinement and thousands of performances. Nathan will also share great ideas and variations from…

Homer Liwag

Chris Korn

John Kennedy

Donny Orbit

Nathan Kranzo

Nathan also teaches a BONUS MENTALISM ROUTINE!!! The mentalism effect Photographic Prediction is the perfect lead in effect for the moving tanline.


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