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Cardfixes by Jon Racherbaumer

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Cardfixes by Jon Racherbaumer



This item is brand new...never used. Purchased from magic shop stock!

This is a an amazingly brand NEW clean copy in mint condition!!!

Has been out of print and hard to find…

Still sealed in the original plastic!!!!!


More than 50 items from "the thinking magician's magician," Jon Racherbaumer. With 156 crystal-clear photographs, Card Fixes combines top-quality production with professional, state-of-the-art card magic. If you enjoyed At the Table, Marlo Without Tears or Card Finesse, you'll love Card Fixes.


Produced by Louis Falanga, photos by Dr. Robert Balkan. Very similar to the "Card Finesse" titles -- variations, fix-ups, bits of finesse, etc. Well researched, with references to the original versions and variants being "fixed." From the Foreword: "Cardmen meddle with methods. They examine, analyze, reduce, modify, extend, reconstruct, vary and otherwise fiddle with methods by other cardmen. It's an inherent, irresistible impulse. Methodology is their madness...Card Fixes is dedicated to fixers - past present, and future."




6 Torque'd and Topped

10 Olram Catches A Card

14 A Stripper Catches A Card

18 Tossing Lunch

20 When Collectors Become Catchers

22 Visual Retention Sandwich

24 What's The Point Of This Departure?

29 Fixing The Vegas Split

32 Predictable Princess

35 Of The Psychic Princess Presentation

36 Fuddle Aces

40 Late-Night Arising

43 Sudden Sandwich

44 What About Hummer's Number?

47 Waylaid Assembly

50 A Case For Hofzinser

55 Marlo's Third Solution To Hofzinser's Card Problem

56 Homing Kings

61 Sandwich For Stebbins

62 Boozy Poker Revisited

66 Post-It Prediction

68 Figures Versus Prefiguration

71 Biddling Brown In The Round

74 Crossing A Princess

76 Surreal Monte

82 Backing The Universal Card

88 The Zen Two-Shooter

92 Rising Robbers

95 A Night In The Big Easy

99 Mexican Addition

101 The Dreamy Dream Clock

106 Beat The Clock

107 Hop-Skip-jump

115 Stranger Siamese Strangers

118 Spectator Card To Wallet

119 Unstacked Peek-Look-Think

122 Unhappy Students

131 Fixing The Gazinta

134 Reversing The Field

142 If You're Going To Peek, Look, and Think, At Least Pique, Hook, and Link

147 The Broken Clock

151 The Post-Pineapple Surprise

153 Prelude To Touch Turn

155 Olram Ace Vanishes

159 Juice-Work

161 Two-Card Force-Field Ceremony

165 Off-Color Reset

169 Psi Stebbins Lie Speller

172 Tale of the Tell

175 Adding The Aronson Kicker

176 Completely Blown Away

178 Polish Princess Card Trick

184 Ninety Degrees In The Shade

190 Topping Mental Topper

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