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Korem Without Limits

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Korem Without Limits

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Korem without Limits - Danny Korem


Title: Korem without Limits

Author: Danny Korem

ISBN: None

Publisher: D. Robbins

Publication Date: 1985


Book Size: 8 ¾ X 11 1/4

Pages: 181 pages, over 400 photos

Edition: 1st Edition

Book Condition: Excellent-Like New!

Dust Jacket Condition: Excellent-Very minor edge scuffing!


Imagine if it were possible...to perfectly switch a deck under the following conditions: 1) can be executed at any time without cover 2) No critical angles 3)No servantes, topits or hold-outs 4) No covering or misdirection necessary 6) Suitable for close-up or stage 7) No lapping


Imagine if it were possible to produce a coconut or other large object from underneath a hat on a table in the middle of the stage, as Malini produced a lump of coal close-up, but without table, chair, or body loads, servantes, assistants, or draped tables, and no critical angles. As a matter of fact, the table is flat, and one can always see underneath it.


Imagine if it were possible to present the HAUNTED DECK with a borrowed pack that is shuffled by a spectator and tabled. Then, the pack not only cuts itself at the selected card, but the selection slowly turns face up on top of the tabled pack as it emerges from the pack. The effect can then be immediately repeated in desired with no lighting or angle problems.


KOREM WITHOUT LIMITS is an assemblage of effects and ideas which will stimulate the imaginative mind to create without limitations. The above effects are only three of the twenty-five detailed. Over 400 photographs and a unique layout design for easy learning. Of particular note is the chapter on non-prop stand-up magic. In it are presented ground breaking concepts that will significantly advance this area of the art.


This 180 page hardbound book contains a wide assortment of both close up and stand up magic routines from Danny Korem. Eight coin effects, Four rope effects, Five stand up effects, Six card effects, and more. In this book you will learn Danny's Stand Up Chop Cup Routine which is actually suitable for stage, a great Balls Over the Head routine, Ring and Rope, Chink A Chink, Coin Matrix, Ripped & Restored Bill, Omni Deck Routine, Korem Deck Switch, and much more. All effects are described in complete detail with black and white photo illustrations.


In the introduction to his great book--Korem without Limits--Danny Korem describes an impossible sounding effect: Seven Signed Cards to Pocket. Does anyone know where this effect can be purchased? His criteria for designing the effect were: 1) no palming. 2) Spectator can feel the pocket before the card goes 3) Each card is signed 4) No duplicates or gaffed cards 5) Visible for up to 5,000 people 6) The last card vanishes from between the spectator's outstretched hands and reappears ala the Card to Wallet.


The author Danny Korem, is one of America's most successful magicians. KOREM WITHOUT LIMITS is Danny Korem's contribution of some of the choicest professional routines to be included in one text in many years

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