Daryl Late Night Session

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When I was first getting into magic there were a couple of things that I really wanted to learn but just didn’t have the skills to do yet. I remember seeing the old Stevens video of Daryl performing the Snow Shoe Sandwich and it killed me. I thought “If I could only do that….”.

Sometimes in life you get lucky enough to meet your mentors and idols. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with Daryl, session with Daryl, and even get lost with him in Osaka, Japan. Long story.

Two weeks ago Daryl gave a lecture in my home town. Later that evening I hooked up with him for a little late night session. While I had him captive I asked him if he would answer a couple of questions for me to share with the members of Kranzo’s Newsletter. He said “no way!”, but I beat him into submission and there is video to prove it!

Eventually he spilled the beans and I have it here for you all to enjoy.

Check out this short Q&A with Daryl where he talks about his favorite coin effect to perform for laymen, his favorite effect he ever created, if there will be another Daryl book in the future (they go for a LOT on ebay) and more!

While it is mainly an audio recording I used my camera to make the recording. So watch the clip and crank the volume because it’s kinda low.



Click PLAY to listen to the Daryl Q&A

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