Four Coins For Jimmy

“That was BAD A$$ it again!”

- Sean Bugonia, Pro Magician and President of Ultimate Magic

What is Four Coins For Jimmy you ask?

For many years there was a move used in the ”underground” of coin magic. People would be fooled by it and wonder ”what the heck was that???”.

Rumors traveled in the inner circles of magic about who created the move. It was often associated with Mike Gallo, Bob Fitch, and even Homer Liwag. Not too long ago through research it was discovered who actually created it. Jimmy Wilson Sr. is the creator and it is often referred to as ”J.W. Grip”.

In the mid 1940’s Jimmy Wilson created it and he probably had no idea it would take the coin world by storm.

I have spent a lot of time with the grip and created many unique and unorthodox ways of using it. I’m not a big fan of the grip on its own as it looks a little “cramped”. But I’ve figured a way to make it more deceptive and Four Coins For Jimmy will introduce a very cool concept that will make you smile…...and it looks cool as hell!

Like most of my coin magic this effect is performed at chest level near your face so you can perform for larger groups with greater visibilty.

This effect, in its basic form, is a very magical multiple coin production. Each production is even more magical than the one before…..and you’ll be saying to yourself “Where did THAT one come from???”.

No gaffs.

Pure good old fashioned American sleight of hand.

Buy it now.....and slay your audience tomorrow.

There is no demo video and there won’t be. : ) This is too good to leak out. Now for the first time ever you can see me perform this effect and then learn it instantly.

This video download is only $5.97

Upon payment this video download will be delivered to your email address instantly. This download will arrive as a WMV file.

While the effect is taught in detail it is assumed that you have an intermediate knowledge of coin magic and the basic sleights as well as J.W. Grip.