Happy 4th of JULY. Free EGYPTIAN POCKET Card Effect.

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

I can't think of a better way to add to the celebration of 4th of July than with a great STRONG card magic effect to share with your friends and family.





Here is a fun handling of the old Egyptian Pocket Effect popularized by Alexander Herrmann based on an effect of Robert Houdin's called Clairvoyance du Toucher.  You can find the Robert Houdin effect Secrets Of conjuring And Magic.Have the cards shuffled and then have three cards chosen.  Control all three to the top using your favorite method.  Shuffle the cards not disturbing the top stock.  Or if you wish just palm off the selections, have the cards shuffled and add the palmed cards back on top when the deck is returned.  Just make sure you know what order the cards are in and which person each card corresponds to.  This will be important later.  You now empty your breast pocket completely.  Ask them to reach in and verify your pocket is empty.  Now hand them the cards and tell them to place the shuffled deck in your pocket.  

You announce that if you touch the hand of the person who chose each card you will pick up the "vibrations" of each person and be able to quickly find the card by touch alone.  You touch the first person's hand and then immediately reach into your own pocket and pull out the top card.  Ask them to name the selection and reveal it.

For the 2nd card you hand them the deck ask that THEY pocket the deck making sure to help them as you do so the deck ends up with the top card away from their body.  

You now tell the person who's pocket you are using to touch the 2nd person's hand and they will be able to find the card if they QUICKLY REACH IN AND PULL OUT ANY CARD.  They will of course pull out the card that is easiest to pull out...the one on top....

IF they miss and pull out another card that is NOT the selection.  Simply do as Alexander Herrmann did and say "you weren't quick enough.  You must do it like this!".  Then reach in and withdraw the correct card quickly.


Now you pull the deck out of their pocket and at the same time leave the top card, the 3rd selection, in their pocket.

For the final card you tell them they can now shuffle and pull out any card and it should be the final selection.

Let them try and fail.  Tell them this is very odd but it always works.  You then realize that you forgot to have the vibrations transferred.

Now ask the 3rd person to touch the hand of the person whose pocket you loaded.  Having once again transferred the vibrations you ask them to simply reach into their pocket revealing the previous loaded card for the final revelation.  That's it! 

Additional Thoughts.  You may want to try another added touch that is often associated with the Egyptian Pocket.  This is actually the original idea of Houdin's opening effect.  The spectator names a number and the selection is found by withdrawing cards from the pocket one at a time until that number is arrived upon.  Lets say they name the number 7.  It's an easy matter to pull out the bottom 6 cards one at a time.....then the TOP one to reveal the 7th card.....their card! 

In the original Alexander Herrmann effect he would often have a card named and then produce it from his pocket using a card index as a finale.  It occurred to me that you could "limit" the slection by using bank deck and have a card selected from that bank.  Then later using a much smaller index it would be an easy matter to produce the card.  Having ANY card named and producing it is quite a finale.

Both Houdin and Hartz had sequences in their effects where several cards were plucked from the pocket (from a spectator's pocket on the later case).  The cards were produced one at a time as the cards were named.  

The Hartz Pocket Pocking effect was basically a multiple selection effect.  The cards were selected by up to a dozen people while the deck was not even in his hands.  The deck was returned and placed into the pocket.  People would then name their chosen cards and Hartz would pluck them one at a time from the pocket using his index which was very clever enabling him to extract the named cards quickly.


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