There is no better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than with some good turkey, mashed taters, fine herbs, some fresh brew, warm baked treats, a little wine and a little magic.  

I'm sharing with you a little free gift.  This is a nearly self working miracle that you can share with your family this Thanksgiving.  Enjoy.

Gerald Kosky was a bad mofo.  You may perform an effect or a move of his and don't know it.  Ever heard of the Kosky Switch?  You should.  But I won't ruin all the fun for you.  You should really read more about him on your own.  : )

The pictures below are from Kosky's picture scrapbook.  On the top of the page you'll see Kosky kicking back and hanging out with Charlie Miller and Max Malini.  Not bad company.  I wonder what kinda trouble those cats where up to....

You are about to read a classic card effect that plays HUGE and will keep people talking.  Throughout the course of this card effect you will utilize technology in a very cool way.  But first.  Lets travel back to 1932 and hang out with Gerald for a second.....


April 1932


By Gerald Kosky

The performer spreads seven cards in a row on the table. He exhibits a small sealed envelope which he places in his pocket. After some one selects one of the seven cards, it is burned to ashes, the ashes rub-bed between the hands and thrown into the air. The envelope is now handed to a spectator and upon opening it, the name of the card selected will be found written on a slip of paper inside. 

Secret—You have seven small envelopes, each one containing the name of a single card. Six of these are in your pocket in regular order when you start so that you can immediately take out the one you may want. The remaining one is shown as if it were the only one being used and tucked away with the six others. The rest of the trick should now be clear. 


Gerald Kosky rocked a sweet pencil thin mustache.  

Ok so that is the original.  Isn't it great??  SIMPLE and to the point.  You can perform this effect AS IS of course........and it is awesome.  Just grab a couple of pay envelopes or coin envelopes and your ready to go.  

Here are a couple of things to make it play even bigger......stronger, update it and also make it totally impromtu!

Here is what I think you should actually do.  Just use 3 FORCE CARDS rather than 6 or 7.  This makes it a little easier.  You can do this by using the Ed Bagshawe idea of alternating the force cards with indifferent cards.  

The top card would be an indifferent card or x card, then a force card, x card, force card, x card, force card.  

So instead of 6 cards that you need to have predictions for.....its only three.  Just deal out the top 6 cards from the top of the deck.  Tell them to name a number between 1 and 6.  It doesn't matter what number they name you can always arrive at a force card by changing which end of the row you start the count at!!!!  Ok so that part is easy.

Keep in mind this can be done on the fly with a borrowed deck by culling the cards to the top and then performing a faro.....or while TOYING with your deck.  hah.

The only thing you have to do is make your predictions ahead of time and once you do that you are set for a long time.  You can now perform it at the drop of a hat.  

Just grab a deck and cull your three force cards to the top of the pack.  Alternately you can have those cards already set up so they are 2nd 4th, 6th from the top.  Perform a shuffle without disturbing the top stock.  I prefer to have the cards shuffled by several people.  I split the deck up into a few portions and hand them out for shuffling.  I simply cop those 6 top cards out while I have the deck shuffled.  Then take the cards back and add the palmed cards

David Regal has a great handling of this type of an effect....and a great solution of getting rid of the envelopes.

I don't really have a problem with the envelopes.  The envelopes are great but what if you could PERFORM this effect with no props, or something you ALWAYS had on you?  Well you could throw some small envelopes in your wallet or jot the names of cards on the backs of PICTURES in your wallet.  All things i've done.  David Regal fooled me bad with his version using a MINIATURE card tucked in his wallet.  

This is what I have been using for a while and I think you'll find it is pretty shocking effect on the audience.

It's nothing like the previous effect at this point.......but that is ok...lol.  

I simply figure out what my 3 force cards will be......then you have to make a prediction for each of these 3 force cards.  

I place 3 predictions on my phone in sneaky ways.  

One of them is on my VOICE MAIL.  

One of them is in the VOICE NOTES on my phone (this is just like a little voice recorder that records short messages you can play back out loud for people to hear.  Pretty much all phones have this).  

The last force card can be placed as a screen saver on my phone, or better yet i'll place it on my facebook page or twitter account.  You can reveal the force card as a status update or most recent tweet.  One of the best ways to do this is to just have the force card on your profile pic somewhere.  Maybe sticking out of your pocket etc.  Something subtle.  This way it's obvious as soon as you go to your page...and also you DON'T have to post anything ahead of time.  Your ready to go at all times.

If they choose that force card that is on my facebook or twitter account I'll ask them to follow me on twitter, (I've already established they have a phone and this is easily done) or if they already are following me on twitter I'll ask them to check my most recent tweet. (i thought about using multiple social networks as a multiple out but I want these people to follow me and that would get ruined later.  Plus people who are already following me would catch on etc.)

If they choose the card on my voicemail I don't even want to use my phone....I tell them that they should take out THEIR phone and call ME.  Ask them to play it on speaker phone so all can hear the revelation....

Last but not least if they pick the force card that corresponds to the card on the voice note you have recorded earlier I'll just play it out loud for all to hear.  I usually have it up and open and ready to play so that way I can say "just push play on my phone".  If they DON'T pick that one it is an easy matter to quickly hit one button to close it out as you pick it up and say “do you follow me on twitter?” and the rest is all presentation.  : )

Enjoy your Thanksgiving everyone!!!


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