iMail by Aaron DeLong

Welcome members of Kranzo’s Newsletter! Once again being a member pays off as we are offering you this free effect. This effect makes use of the now popular iPhone or iTouch…BUT with just a little creativity this idea can inspire lots of cell phone ideas and plots. I would like to send a big THANK YOU to Aaron DeLong. Not only a great magician, and thinker, but a great friend.

Aaron’s effect came about at the same time that I was tinkering with ideas using a cell phone to apparently “text” small objects as opposed to just words or a message. You can find my effect Go Text Yourself on this site under the Hip Pocket Mullica page.

First off, watch the effect below. This training video is Aaron sharing the bare bones of the effect for a camera angle that is dead on. He doesnt really perform the Mullica load as he is just teaching it, so he breezes through it. Please keep that in mind. You want to perform a very natural load covered with a natural action. The envelope addition is Aaron’s and you’ll have to bug him for the work. : )

Ok now that you see how cool this is you can download the appropriate file needed for your phone here:

« CLICK HERE to download Aaron Delong’s FREE card effect iMail »

This link is only good for ONE WEEK! After that this will go on sale as a download for the magic community….but for you guys its free. ; )

After you download the file come back here to read the instruction to perform the effect below. Enjoy!

Here is the scoop!!!

The timing of the card insertion is by the “F” icon. When it turns gray at 12 seconds, begin inserting the card. Also, if they have the volume turned up all the way, their audience will hear the card zooming away like a plane in flight. They have about 1 minute after the card insertion until the video ends, which is plenty of time to finish the effect.

In order to load the video they must -

First (and most importantly) – Get an iPhone or iTouch. This video will work with the iTouch and make the screen look like it is the iPhone. Although, with the iTouch, there are no external speakers. So the auditory portion of the effect is lost with iTouch users. The video will work with both.

Second – download the iMail video from Nathan Kranzo. It is already in the appropriate format to be loaded on to your iPhone/iTouch. (mp4)

Third – Open iTunes and plug in your iPhone/iTouch.

Fourth – Double click on the MOVIES within iTunes located on the upper left side. This menu should show all movies that can be loaded to your iPhone/iTouch. If the iMail video does not appear here, drag and drop the file from its original location on your pc to this menu. Or simply do a search and let iTunes find it for you.

Fifth – Open your iPhone/iTouch options and make sure you are allowing videos to be added. You can find this feature under the same section where you upload ringtones, pictures, songs, and retrieve updates.

Sixth – Sync your phone and let the magic begin!

Seventh – There’s nothing left. Go on and do the trick already.

Eighth – Remember that you don’t have a Hip Pocket Mullica and go back to and order one.

Ninth – If problems persist, please email Aaron DeLong at Just kidding. Fire one off to