Nathan Kranzo 2008 East Coast Lecture Tour

Howdy folks! Below is the lecture schedule for my east coast tour. I hope you can make it. Please email me at if you have ANY questions regarding these lecture dates. See you there! : )

9/7/2008 Rumford, ME
Sunday SAM 174

9/8/2008 Greenbrook, NJ
Monday SAM 161 Doug Thornton

9/9/2008 Poughkeepsie, NY
Tuesday SAM 35 John Shaw

9/15/2008 Buffalo, NY
Monday Elmwood Magic Paul Richards

9/16/2008 Norfolk, VA
Tuesday IBM 103 Joe Nicholas

9/17/2008 Baltimore, MD
Wednesday 7:30 PM Alain Nu

9/19/2008 Harrisburg, PA
Friday IBM 20 John R. Stover

9/22/2008 Rochester, NY
Monday IBM 4 / SAM 47 Mark Ross

9/23/2008 Wayne, PA
Tuesday Marc DeSouza

9/24/2008 Watertown, MA
Wednesday IBM 122 Rob Kinslow

9/25/2008 Bridgeport, CT
Thursday Bob Dorchinsky

9/26/2008 Manchester, NH
Friday IBM 166 Joe Michaud