One Silver + No Moves Copper Silver Brass




One Silver is a routine that feature two VERY visual transpositions with the standard Two Copper/One Silver gimmick.  (a Copper Silver Brass Gimmick can also be used)




If you have ever performed the classic Two Copper One Silver, or Copper Silver Brass you are probably using J.C. Wagner’s handling.

The now classic “have them hold three coins and apparently pull one out of their fist” move is all J.C.’s. Here it is in his own words…

”I gave the routine to Johnson Products way back in 1975! Bob Sheets showed it to Doc Eason up in Aspen, with all the handling, plus what I came up with that was so bold! Im talking about the phase in the routine when you place all the coins in the spectator’s hand and take out the gaff (showing the half dollar side) while at the same time gently squeezing their hand. (this light squeezing is a subtlety missed by most performers…NK) This is so great in the eye’s of the layman. What a moment when you open your hand and they see what you have and then what’s in their hand! It’s as good as the Rabbit trick. That phase of the routine is so good because as I said before, it happens in their hands, which is the strongest magic we can do.”

True dat. Thanks a million J.C.!!! This gaff would rarely be used if it wasn’t for J.C.’s additions. I was in the process of writing a book on this gaff and its uses when I came up with this routine you are about to read. The book is almost finished but other things have kept me away from finishing it. I thought I would offer up this routine as a freebie and a teaser as to what is coming. Its moveless. Just presentation and spectator management.

Here is the basic script. Those who are into doing cold readings of any sort will see this routine has much room for that. Using this for a reading can take it into a whole new realm.

I use only the basic Copper Silver Brass gaff and that is it. The shell coin and the insert. Rather than a third coin (usually the real half dollar). I use A RING. I’ve found it adds greatly to the routine’s deceptiveness, it enhances the visual nature, and the fact that it can be borrowed adds charm to it as well.

Regarding the coin gaffs I prefer a nice real silver half set made by Todd Lassen but any set will work (a Two Copper One Silver gimmick will work great as well).

To make it easy throughout the routine I will place bold print that gives you specific instructions.

I will most often times perform this for a woman.


“Gypsy fortunetellers would often perform a ritual using precious metals like, gold, silver, copper, etc. These pieces were used to determine the true feelings or intentions of someone, and maybe even their future.

Lets have some fun and show you what I’m talking about. I’ve brought some old coins made of different metals to represent those used in the old ritual.

The first coin is an old copper centavo that represents courage.

The next coin is an old brass Chinese coin with an inscription meaning good health”

As I say the above words I am just displaying the coins very openly making sure not to flash their gaffed nature. The presentation can be changed to fit your coins and whatever meaning you want.

“And last but not least…..this gold ring representing love.”

At this point I’ll either produce my wedding ring or borrow one to fit the presentation

“I would like you to hold onto these precious metals and think about what means most to you.”

Now perform the classic handling where first you place the insert coin on their upturned palm. If you are using a standard Johnson or Sasco gaff this will be the Centavo. Then you place the Chinese coin (shell) on top of that. THEN the ring, rather than the third coin as you would usually do.

At this point you ask them to close their hand into a fist. As per J.C.’s brilliant handling ask them to extend their first finger and thumb so that you may extract a coin. It is very important that you go out of your way to show there is nothing hidden in your hands before you enter their fist. I will often point this out as I roll up my sleeves to show nothing is hidden.

“As I mentioned earlier often times when the fortune tellers would perform this ritual it was to try and figure out what someone’s true intentions where. Often times the metals would change…..depending on the intentions of the person…..or so the legend says.

Think of it as a modern day MOOD RING. Let’s see if anything has happened. Lets see what your true intentions are…”

You now reach in and grab the entire nested gaff pulling it out of their hand silver side up. This will be a big surprise to them as they have never seen this coin before. Openly display the coin showing nothing else hidden in your hands. After everyone has got a good look at the coin drop it into your pocket.

“I forgot to mention silver, which of course represents new life, or new beginnings! Did you plan on starting a new job soon? Or maybe a new life? So a new life is your intention? Thats not a bad thing….”

As you say the above words you have displayed the silver coin and placed it into your pocket. Your left hand with the light squeeze on their fist now relaxes and moves away as you wrap up the routine.

“As legend has it. At the end of the ritual the volunteer would be asked to just ‘think about what they want most in their life’, and when they open their hand…...their future would be revealed.”

They open their hand to see all the coins have vanished and they are left with their wedding ring.

“Love…...............all ya need is love.”


I have been playing with this gaff for years and over the last few I have gone out of my way to try and simplify the handling. I have several unique applications that involve ONLY the gimmick and no extra coins, pockets, or switching. It makes for a very pure simplistic effect. My other efforts have been to try and bring the effect up near the face, rather than the crotch, for more stand up performances. I’ll share that exciting work soon. Thanks to Connie Hayden who created the Two Copper One Silver gimmick that Presley Guitar later enhanced creating the Copper Silver Brass. Special thanks to J.C. Wagner for permission to include his fantastic “in the hands” handling.

The coins pictured at the top of the page are Lassen coins. For more info on Todd’s stuff go click below…

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