Steve Spill's Blood From Stone

“Blood from Stone” by Steve Spill

Since the Eighties I’ve been Squeezing Blood from Stones, now you can too.  I’ve had some good success with this easy-to-do, self-contained, packs small/plays big, memorable bit of stand-up comedy magic that doesn’t require a spectator on stage, and most important, that audiences go nuts for.   

“Blood from Stone” is totally practical because it’s the result of a lifetime of thought and performance testing, not some idea released simply to sell.   
Here’s a video clip!!!

Back in 1998 when Penn & Teller asked about doing the “Stone” I was flattered by their interest, and since they are friends who have done many favors for me in the past, I couldn’t refuse.  I offered my one-and-only “spare” unit free of charge.   They gave me a check for $2000.

The problem with making the Stone available to others has always been the fact that the manufacture of the prop is a one-at-a-time, handmade, time consuming process.   On top of that, the routine isn’t for everyone, so unlike a popular close-up trick that may sell thousands of units – the cost couldn’t be spread over a large amount of sales.

Flash forward to today.  Through my wife I met a skilled European craftsman with the patience and ability to fabricate a limited number of Stones. He lives in Krakow and his normal job is fabricating props – both large and small – for the film industry in Poland.

No expense was spared in the prototype process and I’m absolutely thrilled with the outcome. Design-wise the prototype is identical to my original prop – one of the coolest features being that when performing you never get any blood on you and that the “flow” is completely under your control.

I’m most impressed with the newly minted version, because this model is a hundred times more durable than my original prop.  In the ultimate test, I used the prototype Stone in dozens of performances of my show “Escape Reality” here at Magicopolis in Santa Monica.
The Stone performed perfectly and never needed even a minute of down time for maintenance.  The Stone is not only easy to use, but it’s built to last forever. We have entered into an agreement and I have paid in advance for exactly one hundred units.  Hence this is a very limited offer of Stones, each and every one personally signed and numbered by me.

I don’t plan on doing any advertising other than this post for these hundred Stones, nor do I plan on offering the Stone through any dealers ever.  Included with the prop are all media/venue performance rights and step-by-step DVD instruction.  The manufacturer can make up to three Stones a day, which means the hundred units should be ready soon.

However, to be super-safe, and to allow some margin for error and quality control, I promise to be shipping on November 1, 2011,sooner if possible.  And I’ll ship the Stone out, right to your door, anywhere in the world, at no extra charge.  

Please note that in accordance with federal postal regulations forbidding the shipment of liquids, and to avoid other shippers cost prohibitive policies regarding fluids, and numerous international customs issues regarding the import of liquids, NO FAKE BLOOD will be sent with your order.  A simple fake blood recipe that takes seconds to make is included.

Blood from Stone is available by pre-order only.  The price is $279 and can be purchased through your paypal account.   Select the “Send Money” tab and use the email

Only a fraction of the world’s magicians will read about this first time offer of a hundred Stones.  It is a test that may never be repeated again, so I urge you to act quickly.  If I’m ever able to get more of these made in the future, pricing will be determined at that time.   
Don’t worry, if your $279 is received after the supply is exhausted, it will not be accepted and your funds will be returned to your paypal account.

I will personally check back here periodically to answer any and all questions.  

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