Summer is for Pimpin'

I have been performing and lectureing at a lot of events and conventions over the past year. One of the effects that has been getting the most attention is my money transformation effect Pimpin’. Its just so visual you can’t help but want to perform it!

Guys keep coming up to me and asking me about the routine I perform in the lecture so I thought I would throw a video of it up. As per usual the sound is crappy and the video quality isn’t he best…..but the presentation is all there and anyone who has the Pimpin’ DVD will be able to add this routine to their arsenal. Before you watch the video please read this short review from Dan Garrett. Dan has been a professional magician for longer than I have been alive and can still bust out the real work! He currently does product reviews for MUM Magazine and recently reviewed my Pimpin’ DVD (this won’t make the magazine till August or September). Here it is in Dan’s own words…

“I have seen many great magic ideas ruined by a so-called ‘improvement.’ However, Pimpin’ is not an example of such. Nathan Kranzo takes a great effect from Paul Harris and actually makes it better.

The effect is easy to describe. The performer performs a nifty ambitious card routine (or something else, if desired), then visibly and instantly transforms the deck into a stack of bills (any denomination). You don’t end 100% clean, but darned close to it.

The DVD is the type I prefer. Nate delivers all the information you need in a clear and concise manner. There is no fluff, video effects or background music to hinder the learning process. The performance section of the disk is very short, and is of a lower video quality than the explanation section. I don’t find this much of a problem. You can go to and see the performance online, and the quality there is slightly better than the DVD.

I met Nate Kranzo about 3 or 4 years ago. We were booked to perform, lecture, and do a TV shoot in Osaka, Japan, along with a couple other magicians and Tommy Wonder. It was the last time I got to see Tommy perform. Nate impressed me with his creative thinking and warm personality. He is one of the new generation of close-up magic creators like Aaron Fisher, Lee Asher, Joshua Jay, Garrett Thomas, etc.

Mr. Kranzo is a good teacher. He conveys the material very well, without sidetracking or digressions. One can make the necessary gimmick in about 4 minutes (Nate does exactly this on the video) with simple household items. (Who knew a simple paper plate had so many cool uses besides holding food?) The denomination of bills you use is a factor of how flush you are at the moment. Hundreds are more impressive, but dollar bills will work just fine. (Dollars are used on the DVD. If sales are good, perhaps our man Kranzo can afford to use twenties.)

Very good additional ideas and variations are offered. So, let’s list the pros and cons.

Pros: Paul Harris likes this improvement to his effect and lends his blessings. You can gather materials and make what you need quickly and easily. The performance is very easy. On a skill level of 1 to 5 we give it a 2, or a 1 if you don’t do a card trick. The effect is commercial, and practical for the close-up performer who needs short re-set times.

Cons: This is a 1-trick DVD, which I generally don’t like as a rule, but this one is exceptional. Nate never shows his face on the explanation or the performance. Why not? Let ‘em see your mug, m’boy!

In the balance, Pimpin’ is a winner. I will add this to my performing repertoire …using dollars until I book some more shows."

Dan Garrett MUM Magazine

For more of Dan Garrett’s fantastic reviews, articles from top names in magic like Michael Close, Charles Reynolds, George Schindler, Nathan Kranzo (thats me) and many others….check out MUM Magazine.


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