Timmy's Amazing Feet

Once again another unique and offbeat idea from my friend Timmy Lynch.

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; )

The basic effect is this….

The miracle worker asks the volunteer to close their eyes and visualize the number that they have chosen. A moment earlier they chose a two digit number at random. Now they are asked to open their eyes.

The performer states ”Do you believe that your choice was really by chance or was it possible that you were influenced by some sort of unseen force? Maybe. Maybe this is just a coincidence, or maybe somehow you, on a subconscious level just knew the number that I was thinking of. You see I too have been thinking of that number for a few days. It’s actually been impossible for me to get the number OUT of my mind. It’s practically tatoo’d to me. I believe that this is why you had no choice but to think of the same number”.

The performer then kicks of his shoes or sandals to reveal the number “25”. The number is there due to a tan line or more specifically a series of tan lines that create what looks like the number 25. This is created from wearing sandals in the sun. Or alternately you can put the sandals on and then rub tanning cream on your feet. (this is a little messy)

Timmy’s feet look great for this effect and its just a result of him wearing a particular brand of sandals outside in the sun. The brand that Timmy wears is made by Choco and they are actually fantastic sandals and very comfortable. : )

How do you get them to think of the number? Most of you already have a favorite way to do that.

Here are a couple of very simple solutions.

A clear forcing bag with cards with different two digits numbers on them.

Force any two and any five from a deck of cards.

Use a book to force a page number and combine it with a book test.

You could have a row of numbers and just run your finger down the column asking them to call “stop” when they like. Just time it so you land on 25 as in the old timing force.

Use the old Phil Deck or Pineapple Surprise to force a number instead of a name or food.

The possibilities are endless…