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Animated Stick of GUM!!!

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Animated Stick of GUM!!!



    This is seriously the coolest way to give out a piece of gum.  EVER.  


    There are no invisible threads or magnets.


    The gimmick is SELF CONTAINED and ready to go INSIDE THE PACK OF GUM.


    This will work with the smaller packs that hold 4 or 5 sticks as well.  The larger packs as you see in the video demo are the most popular current on the market.  BUT it will work with either pack.

    You will receive the versatile gimmick as well as plenty of extras to make more

     PDF Instruction Booklet that details all the info on how to add the gimmick to any pack of gum.  

    Even how to make the gum JUMP out of the pack!!!

    You will also receive a TRAINING VIDEO that teaches you how to add the gimmick to any pack of gum or wallet.  : )




    Open your wallet and your business card slowly rises out from the wallet.  A great and amazing effect.  AND a VERY memorable way to hand out your card.  

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