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Burning Up DVD Downloads

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Burning Up DVD Downloads

Click HERE for a full review by Andi Gladwin

"Nathan…I seldom endorse anything…but in this case, I’d be more than happy to. Simply because this is the first DVD I’ve seen in a long time that actually has practical effects on it…it actually has stuff on it that I’m going to use, and that is a rarity!!

- Mike Gallo

“Nate’s new DVD, Burning Up, is very cool.. or should I say HOT. I’ll be using “Fire Coins,” an item in which three coins are produced from fire and are then vanished into fire in a very visual manner. It’s squeaky clean. “Inflation” is another favorite as is “Homing Tie.” Actually, they’re all winners. And they’re items that you can and will use in the real world.”

– Mike Powers

“Nathan Kranzo’s Burning Up DVD is full of strong commercial magic from a real working pro. The material is refreshing, original, and practical. Highly recommended.”

– Troy Hooser

Highlights include…

Tip Trey
Visual Card Magic at it’s best! Inspired by the work of Lee Asher, Karell Fox, and Gaeton Bloom this is one of most amazing and EASY card suspensions you will ever see. Click HERE for MORE INFO

Homing Tie
At the end of a marathon card routine a SIGNED selection becomes part of your wardrobe!

You will freak when you see a Penny visually grow to 100 times its original size! Then you will laugh when you see the easy method.

Click PLAY to watch a performance of Inflation

Fire Coins
This one is worth twice the asking price of the DVD! Silver Dollars appear one at a time with each strike of a match. You’ll have to watch to see what happens next. Click HERE for MORE INFO

Smells Like Aces
The Four aces EXPLODE into reality. You wouldn’t think things like this were possible with a deck of cards. (unless of course your name is Dan or Dave Buck)

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