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Chocolate Coin

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Chocolate Coin

This is so good...

I immediately bought two.

I carry one in my wallet so it's with me at all times and takes up NO space.

I performed this for my daughter and her eyes lit up when I started to peel the foil back on the solid coin she just examined

When I peeled the foil back further to reveal a chocolate coin her eyes got bigger

When she reacted this way I knew this was a keeper.

Next you take a bite of the chocolate coin and eat it!

Then you simply blow on the chocolate coin and it VISUALLY restores itself into a brand-new unharmed chocolate coin.

You seal the foil back up and rub your fingers on the coin restoring it back to a normal solid coin and hand it back to them.

The gimmick is awesome.

A precision made chocolate coin gaff.

It's a logical plot and classic effect and it's very easy to do.

You get the gimmick which is very well made in US quarter but there will be no problems using this with a UK 10p as it's the same size. The design of the coin is never openly seen which is why this is no problem for any currency that is silver and the same or similar size.

The DVD teaches you all you need to know and the handling could not be easier so it's suitable for all skill levels.

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