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Don England’s TKO’s
Don England’s TKO’s
Don England’s TKO’s

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Don England’s TKO’s

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This book is NEW old stock. First editions!!!!

I was lucky enough to recently acquire a box full of these books ALL brand spanking new! They have been sitting in storage for years and are in perfect condition!!!!


Don England was quite a creative force in card magic. Every time I saw him he inspired me. Long out of print, this book was first published in 1981 & contains some of the most creative and inspiring card magic you’ll ever come across. Don was definitely one of my magic heroes. ❤️❤️❤️And I was lucky enough to be able to call Don a friend.

This book is full of amazingly creative card magic. You’ll recognize some of these effects as they have become classics in card magic and have even been performed by some of the biggest names in magic on television.

Don England’s T.K.O.’s (Technical Knock Outs) by John Mendoza.

(Featuring the work of Don England)

Here are the contents...

1 Foreword (Ed Marlo)
3 Introduction (John Mendoza)
4 Preface (Don England)

Two Hands and Fifty-Two Pasteboards 
5 Visual Retention Color Change
5 The Flip Up Move
7 Allan Ackerman's Short All-Backs Routine
13 Easy One Hand Triple Cut
15 Phase 51
19 Very Simple Triumph
21 Very Simple R/B Triumph
24 Folds Flat For Packing
27 One Shuffle Rollover Aces
32 Down the Elevator and Up the Ladder
38 The Blink Change
41 Color Changing Deck
45 Another Collectors?
49 Seven Card Location
55 The Mysterious Case of the Open Travellers

Gimmicks Gaffs and Imagination
1 The Upper Deck
7 Ever-Ready Hole Card
12 Snaparoon
17 Flashtoration
25 10% Flashtoration
29 Card Warped
33 Ed Marlo's Linked Card Routine
37 Cigarette Through Card
42 Red Hot Hofzinser
46 The Zig-Zag Card Trick

Twisting The Night Away
1 England's Four the Hard Way
4 Reset Twist
9 Twisted Hofzinser

Spare Change
1 Apocalypse Now

Dedicated to... (Joker) 
1 Close-Up Color Changing Elephant (Kenneth F. Ritz)

5 Don England

Publisher's Comments 
6 Bob Long

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