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Drink and facebook Mental Hook
Drink and facebook Mental Hook

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Drink and facebook Mental Hook

Anytime, anywhere, thought of drink revelation.

You rattle off a list of a dozen or more drinks. Standard recognizable drinks like coke, diet coke, sprite, coffee, tea, milk, orange juice, and several more.

You ask them to just remember anyone of those drinks that they would like to drink. You ask them to imagine themselves drinking the drink. You slowly reveal details about their thought of drink.

You ask them to imagine bringing the glass to their mouth to drink…
“The cool glass touches your lips and the refreshing taste signals and stimulates the exact sensation that occurs in your brain when you are actually drinking and tasting”….at this moment you tell them the drink they are imagining!

No BS!!!


“I just wanted to say how very pleased I am with ‘Drink’. It’s the “fairest” way that I’ve found to divine a thought of drink……it’s fantastic."

- Ian Baker

“First let me say that Drink is a great effect and very much worth the (low) price. I downloaded it earlier today and after 30 minutes or so proceeded to test it on my girl friend….she was impressed and baffled, her only explanation being that I knew there was a bottle of diet coke in the fridge and had somehow influenced her with that. I did a little jig and said no…”

-Richard Jakeman


This is simple and pure mentalism.

They just think of a drink and you tell them what it is!

This is a very straightforward ONE NO System where as soon as your subject, hesitates, or says no…you know EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE THINKING!!!

With practice this effect can be performed with nothing…or even over the phone! There is a very subtle gimmick that is used in practice, but once mastered, the gimmick won’t be needed.

You can design and construct this little gimmick at home in a few minutes. Once again, this gimmick is a practice tool that will eventually not be needed, but is a must to perfect the presentation.

The other half of this DOWNLOAD is my effect facebook Mental Hook….

facebook Mental Hook

This is something that every modern mindreader needs. A relevant presentation that is a current and topical.

What is facebook? Its a social network and news feed.

When you log into your facebook account the first thing you see In the upper left corner of the page it simply says “facebook”

and below that the infamous question box…

“what’s on your mind?”

(C’mon….thats just BEGGING for a mentalism presentation!!!)

We can’t say too much more about this one. If we tip it in the description everyone will use it!!! We will say this….it is NOT an effect for the internet. It is a strong mental piece perfect for any close up or stand up act.


You get DRINK and facebook Mental Hook for the low price of only $14.99!!!



What are you waiting for dude?

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