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Fresh Breath by Nathan Kranzo

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Fresh Breath by Nathan Kranzo


dvd AND gimmick for only $15??????????

New & Improved Fresh Breath Deluxe Now comes with a Special Teaching DVD by Nathan Kranzo with complete routine & never before released bits. 

Effect: The performer pulls out a roll of breath mints, and after dusting off the pocket lint offers one to a nearby spectator. "Would you like a mint? Or maybe you would prefer breath spray?" before they politely decline, the mints immediately transform into a canister of breath spray! "I prefer breath spray myself as it keeps me fresh all day!" 

The performer is now seen to spray the breath spray into his mouth and under his arms! For a comical kicker, the performer explains that "...it really does give you icy cool breath", and proceeds to breathe into his fist creating an ice cube! 

This is killer new routine from Nathan Kranzo, who is known for creating a lot of ingenious effects. You get everything you need to perform this stunner, including the ice cube and an 8 page booklet with illustrations and extra comedy bits. Very easy to do, no skill required.If your Fresh Breath Trick doesn't come with the Teaching DVD, you have a out dated version or a knock off version!! Accept no substitutes!!  

Check out this clip of me performing fresh breath.  I had just shaved my head months before and look like an asshole here.  Enjoy!

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