Hip Pocket Mullica

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Tom Mullica created in my opinion THE MOST DECEPTIVE AND USER FRIENDLY card to wallet ever created. I, Nathan Kranzo, have carried a version of the Mullica Wallet on me for almost 20 years.

The first time I saw the original Mullica routine It was hilarious AND it fooled me. He didn’t palm the card and I had no clue how it got inside the inner wallet. When I finally purchased one I instantly saw how practical and deceptive this wallet was. Not only was it strong magic, but the wallet was so versatile. No palming, no envelopes, no slits or clips to deal with, no flaps to try and load or reset. Nothing.

I had the original giant beast of a wallet that was waaaaay to big to look like a “normal” wallet. Then years later they made them smaller and I carried one of those as it wasn’t as bulky and looked a little more like a wallet a human would own. Then RFA Productions released the BKM wallet which I also purchased and carried for years.


RFA Productions has released the ultimate version of the Mullica Wallet.

The Hip Pocket Mullica

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A custom designed wallet created to fit into a MODERN performer’s pocket.

A compact Mullica that actually looks cool.

If you know what a Mullica Wallet is then you know how devious a weapon this wallet is when carried on you. On the other hand, if you have never done a signed card to wallet effect before and palming makes you sweat “like Santa Claus in a brick oven” then this may be just what you need!

This is HIGHLY recommended to ANYONE who wants to do a Card to Wallet effect with NO PALMING and a stylish prop that was DESIGNED to do its job.

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