Kranzo's Mother Load

 This is pretty much all of the written material that has been released in lecture note and booklet form by Nathan Kranzo


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Titles include:

Comedy for Magicians & Mentalists Vol 1&2

This is an amazing collections of stand up comedy magic and mentalism!!!!
The Cig-Pen Transpo  A cigarette and your pen change places instantly and visually.  This effect originally Appeared in Antinomy Magazine.  Special thanks to Gene for letting me reprint the original text and photos. 

Conradi Deck  This is the original collection of ideas I published with the Mene Tekel deck.
Drink and facebook Mental Hook  This ebook includes the much talked about Kranzo effect DRINK where a thought of drink is revealed.  As we as facebook Mental Hook which is a great real time mentalism effect that uses facebook as a presentational and methodical springboard.  
Bill Plots  This is one of Kranzo's best selling ebooks.  Full of great off beat ideas for the classic bill switch.  There are at least a dozen you'll like and probably 5 you'll love.  Watch the clips!
The Ends  Kranzo's VERY first set of lecture notes.  Features the effect TORNADO STRAW as well as a kick ass three coin production using no gaffs.  Several other effects described that you'll love.
The Heat Of The Desert  A great set of lecture notes featuring Kranzo's great walkaround effect HOMING TIE as well as TIP TREY and a seldom seen effect where a JUMBO card visually transforms into a thought of selection in a flash of fire.  PLUS other effects you love and laugh at.
Things With Cards  An ebook that is All cards.  All visual.  Some fancy cuts, an in the hands triumph that is crazy, a visual penetration, a color change, a cool transposition, and other cool shit.  LOTS of card magic packed in this thing.
Tri Fold  This booklet contains all effects that involve the FOLDING of a card in some way.  Most of the effects lean towards the mental.
Five The Easy Way 
This is a very slick 5 Coin production and vanish.  This effect originally Appeared in Antinomy Magazine.  Special thanks to Gene for letting me reprint the original text and photos.
Instant Travelers  One of Kranzo's simple and cool solutions for the Travelers Plot.  Sneaky and easy.
California Lecture notes
Collection of close up and stand up magic
Detroit Lecture Notes 
Collection of close up and stand up magic 
Nice Box  Visual card magic!  A card is caught in the box after the box is tossed through the air and caught in the deck...only to POP back out again!
One This is Steve Dusheck's simple and elegant solution for the Brainwave plot.  ONLY one gaffed card is needed rather than an entire deck.  You'll also learn handlings from Ben Harris, Larry Becker and Nathan Kranzo.  PLUS ANOTHER SECRET DUSHECK BONUS!!!

***Royal Oak Lecture Notes*** -

These are my most recent set of lecture notes.

 Smells Like Ace An ace production that is fast, cool and visual.  Might get you laid.
Squish and other mysteries This is a classic effect of Kranzo's where a coin visually is squished into nothing.

Moving Tanline Booklet  Another legendary Kranzo effect where the tanline from his watch moves.  This effect has been performed on the A&E series MONDO Magic as well as Penn and Teller's NBC special OFF THE DEEP END.  Also taught is a bonus effect from Greg Wilson.


Mindzilla VOL.1 -4 This is a collection of strong mentalism that can be performed on stage or close up.  Kranzo's Pipe Dreams is introduced! Click HERE for more info about Mindzilla Series. 


 Over $225 worth of books and effects.

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