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Here is a sneak look at just ONE effect from the new DEAD EASY CARD MAGIC DVD.

This idea is straight out of Compton.  I mean, Expert Card Technique.  The original idea was to apply a bit of wax on the back of a card.  Now if you place it on the ground and STEP ON IT...it will vanish.  It sticks to the bottom of your shoe.  

The original idea was you step on the card, it vanishes, and appears back on top of the deck.  An ambitious card finale.  

But then what?  Moonwalk away?  

I'm sure there are clever ways to handle the clean up.  Here is one I came up with.  It changes the effect a little but it retains the visual nature and is quite strong.  

Card Through Shoe

Set up your shoe by placing a card face down in your right shoe.  Force a duplicate of that card and drop the card face down on the ground.  You can add the wax to the card by having it stuck to a ring or fingernail.  Or you can have the card stuck ahead of time and force it with a little care in handling.  I'll leave this up to you.  

If you have ever performed Card On Ceiling then the management of the wax is a non issue.  

I usually pre-set the card with a little bit of wax, poster putty, blue tac etc.  Place the card on the gound.  Step on it, creating the vanish.  

Use your OTHER foot to help kick off your shoe.  Your right hand places the shoe ONTO your left hand/the deck for and instant to free your right hand so it can withdraw the card from the shoe.  In that same instant your left hand steals the card off the bottom of the shoe onto the top of the deck.  Drop the shoe on the ground letting it flip over showing it's clean in a subtle way.  

You can have the card signed and load it into your shoe if your sneaky.  There are a few published methods already.  Or use a "pseudo-signed card", or a card with a dummy signature and a switch.  The possibilities are endless.  

You could also use a Shim card and a magnet in your shoe if you'd like to get fancy.  

***My uncle is a lawyer.  Nathan Kranzo retains ALL MANUFACTURING RIGHTS for this Card Through Shoe method.***





Hanky Sandwich

About as visual as it gets!  A signed card visually appears on top of the deck.  Then it's found sandwiched in between the Queens.  THEN you reveal you predicted the exact card they'd cut to!!!

Blind Luck

With absolutely no vision, touch alone, you find the four aces.  This is quite an amazing showstopper if treated right.  

Deal With It Aces

The SPECTATOR decides where the deck is cut AND deals to a random spot, yet manages to reveal all for aces.  


Based on an old Ed Marlo effect this is the easiest and magical Elevator routine you'll ever do.  


A quarter vanishes in the blink of an eye and reappears EXACTLY next to the card they are thinking of.  You'll love this one and do it often.  

Card Thru Shoe

The title says it all.  A card melts into your shoe in a visual way.  And it's all self working.  

Sticky Pockets

TWO SIGNED selections appear IN TWO DIFFERENT pockets with NO PALMING.  I know.  It sounds to good to be true. : )

Blue Poker 2.0

This is an updated and improved version of my self working packet card trick BLUE POKER.  It's even better and just as easy.  


A self working miracle where THEY make all the choices yet you still end up with a Royal Flush.  

Easy Card Stab

This is probably the coolest card stab.  Not only is it magical but it's so easy you'll laugh.  

Triple 6 Stewart

A Stewart James inspired effect that happens "in their hands".  A miracle that will scare a lot of people.  

Rosini Behind Your Back

You find the aces ONE-handed behind your back.  They find THEIR own card for the startling finale that happens IN THEIR OWN HANDS.  

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