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NEW Nathan Kranzo Lecture DVD + Package Deal
NEW Nathan Kranzo Lecture DVD + Package Deal
NEW Nathan Kranzo Lecture DVD + Package Deal

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NEW Nathan Kranzo Lecture DVD + Package Deal



2020 Lecture Package Deal

*** BONUS Download BUNDLE. Several of my previously released DVDs and books all together on one digital file. Several PDFs and video files all in one place. 

***the NEW LECTURE DVD!!!!

***the "Deland Two Card Trick Updated" With Bicycle Gaffs 

***and "4 Card Repeat" With Bicycle gaffs!!!!!




This is a lecture that was recently recorded live at Marc DeSouza's private theater. Over 16 different routines taught including some of my strongest Close Up and Stand Up effects!!!

***SEVEN NEW routines*** that have NEVER appeared in print or on video!!!!!!!

Part One 

Three Coin Opener
This is my bread and butter. If you were to say I could only perform one trick, from my pockets, for the queen of England, or Elton John......This would be the trick. My favorite coin routine to perform. Three silver dollars appear one at a time, travel from fingertip to fingertip, and vanish all at once! Several original coin sequences taught.

Blue Poker
My favorite packet trick. It's a card routine that you can use both close up and on stage. The perfect opener that involves comedy and is very visual. What more could you ask for? Not only that, but this is usually sold as a separate marketed effect!

Deal With It Aces
A lovely and surprising Four Ace production that happens in the spectator's own hands. Strong and soooo simple.

Cockroach Aces
A very visual and eye-popping four-of-a-kind production that looks like something the Buck twins would perform. But is essentially self working. You'll love it.

52 Gone
My award-winning and highly acclaimed deck vanish. Multiple applications and routines. If a deck of cards could really vanish at your fingertips this is what it would look like.

Copper Silver Brass Routine
This is my personal pet routine with this classic gaff. I choose simple psychology over difficult sleights which makes this routine a joy to perform, and once again, the magic happens all in their hands.

Tic Tac Tricks
I will teach a couple of visual applications of my Tic Tac gimmick. You can make a handful of TicTac's change color, vanish or penetrate back inside the box. This is so much fun and one of the most visual tricks that you will ever perform with candy!!!

Eye Ball Opener
You walk out on stage with one eye closed and an eyeball at your fingertips. To everyone's surprise you pop the eyeball back into your head and everything is good to go! Hilarious visual magic.

Fastest card to wallet
The worlds fastest and easiest card to wallet. Will fool magicians and your mom.(another effect that is usually sold separately but I teach you everything you need).

Tru Test (magazine test)
This is the strongest book test I know...performed with a magazine. A page from the newspaper is torn to pieces, they choose any piece they like and think of any word on that piece. You then read their mind and tell them exactly what word they are thinking. I use this to close my show often.

Part Two 

Psychokinesis Coin
My PK coin is performed and the DVD teaches you how to perform the effect and even a bonus routine (gimmick sold separately)

Harbor Coins
I set out to create a "copper silver brass" routine without using the standard gimmick. What I came up with was something entirely different but still fantastic and fun to perform. Fun coin magic using only sleight of hand and no gimmicks.

Spirit Slates
I will teach you my routine with the classic magic prop the "spirits slates". Several people in the audience have their names written on one slate, and a small handkerchief is placed in between the two sates. Someone in the audience is chosen at random and when the slates are revealed all of the names have been erased except for the chosen name!

EZ Canasta
My version of a classic routine performed by the late great Chan Canasta. A "Do As I Do" type effect where the deck is shuffled and cut multiple times, three cards are selected by both you and spectator. These cards are placed into three different pockets. For the big finale you reveal that you BOTH have the exact same cards placed in the same exact same pockets!!

Three Coin Opener Explained
My favorite coin routine is explained in great detail along with some psychology and tips pocket management.

Balloon Transpo
My favorite routine to perform for a family show or anytime there is children in the audience. But having said that, you could perform this routine for adults and they will still go nuts! A balloon magically transports itself from one paper bag to another!!!

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