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"This is the coolest coinbox I've ever seen! A most devious development in coinbox magic! Get it now. I imagine these will sell out quickly!!!"

- Doug Conn


"It’s hard to come up with complety original ideas these days, but the NON box is a true innovation. A Boston box that can be examined! With this great box you can show a box filled with coins like a Boston box, make them vanish, and have the box with a NORMAL BOTTOM immediately examined! And there is so much more you can do, limited only by your imagination! I LOVE this box!"

- Michael Rubinstein


“You rarely see a totally new gimmick that accomplishes something so amazing in such an elegant way!”

- Michael Ammar




The NON Box is a brand new Okito box that is designed to act like both a standard Okito box and a Boston box… BUT ends up being completely examinable!

Yes you read that correctly!!!

When they examine the box they will not find that pesky little extra "lip" on the bottom that is usually present on a Boston box.


*****Because the gimmick actually slides off and can be palmed or ditched very easily.

READ That again.

Here is just one of the many miracles that are possible:

You open the lid to the box showing it full of silver half dollars.

You dump out a handful of half dollars.

Put the lid back on the box.

Snap your fingers, open the box again and it is now full of Chinese coins!

But here's the kicker. You put the lid on the box, snap your fingers and as you slowly pull the lid off the box… The box is seen to visually transform into a solid SLUG.

Nothing that they just witness could've even happened. Because...the coins could've never came out of the box. Because it is no longer a box! This is just one of the miracles that is possible!!!!

***all of the items are made out of high-quality brass. Made by Jianyu Kuang

what you get:

The NON Box Set includes

* The NON BOX Okito Box + interchangeable lid.

* The NON Box Solid Slug
* Secret Magnetic detachable gimmick

* The NON Box tutorial download

***quantities are extremely limited. We only have 50 sets available. These take quite some time to make because of the inner workings and the precision quality. The price will go up at the end of the month to $299. Get yours NOW and save money before they sell out. I guarantee they will sell out quickly!!!!!!




The photo above shows a polished set. If you polish the inside of the box it takes away the blackness. I’ll leave it up to you.

 *half dollar not included. Just shown for size.

This product is temporarily unavailable

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