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Quartet - The trick the masters tried to keep a secret!
Quartet - The trick the masters tried to keep a secret!
Quartet - The trick the masters tried to keep a secret!

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Quartet - The trick the masters tried to keep a secret!




Man do I love this trick. Calling it a trick doesn't even do it justice. With all the variations and different routines that are possible, it's a system that will allow you to perform miracles.

Miracles like:

****Causing a stack of four quarters to penetrate the back of a spectator's hand!!!!

Dai Vernon, Charlie Miller and Johnny Thompson all referred to the trick by the name "Shhh", because they did not want anyone to talk about the trick. They thought it was so strong of an effect it was too good to share.

Nate Leipzig performed it for his special clients and NEVER performed it in front of other magicians. He too thought it was too good to share and did not want others to perform it. Thus having the title "Leipzig's Pride".

Causing borrowed coins to magically penetrate a spectators own hand is amazingly strong magic.

But that's not all. There are lots of other magic routines you can perform with this special quarter gimmick!

One of the coolest parts about this system is it allows you to apparently just borrow four quarters and perform an impromptu miracle!

Here is just ONE of the several routines taught!!!

Watch it now!!!!!


****You can magically cause the coins to penetrate THRU a table into a glass for a nice audible and visual piece of magic.

****You can perform an amazing transposition with four quarters and four pennies.

****You will also learn my pet routine "flashy transpo" where the coins magically change place with a small waded up piece of paper in a flash of fire!

****You can magically cause the quarters to transpose with a handful of TicTac's!!!

****AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!

****Because The matchbox is an integral part of the presentation and performance of the classic trick, the matchbox we designed is very special.

Modern day match boxes just aren't the right size. Sooooooooo......You will be provided with several specially designed matchboxes that allow you to perform several other amazing pieces of magic with matches!!!

****Self Serving Match

****Re-lighting Match

****Broken and restored match
****The Twirling Match
****The Asrah Match
****Self Lighting Match
****Sympathic Matches
****Haunted Matchbox
****Penetrating Match
****All of these routines are taught on the video...And much more!!!

As mentioned, the matchboxes that you are provided with are very special. Not only have they been designed to be a very specific size to facilitate performing the quarter trick, but they have also been specially designed to perform another amazing BONUS magic routine. They have an Ace of hearts printed on one side.

You may be familiar with the basic concept as it has been popularized the last few years by Roberto Giobbi called "the lucky coin" (which was inspired by the Eddie Fields trick Dropsy Diddle and the original concept by Sam Schwartz)

Essentially the magician chooses a card. And after the deck has been shuffled a coin is given to them and they drop the coin anywhere they like on the spread of cards, with the promise made that "wherever you drop the coin, your selected card will be found underneath!". At the end the coin is turned over to reveal a miniature duplicate card as a gag....but for an amazing finale the real card is turned over and shown that they did in fact find their own selected card!

Well you can NOW perform this great effect with these beautifully designed matchboxes that are perfect for the routine.

So I hear you asking loud and clear. If I purchase this system…

What do I get??????????

***The Custom Made precision machined Quartet gimmick which is a gimmicked stack of four quarters that have been hollowed out and can hold four pennies. Machined from real US quarters.

***A pack containing several of the specially designed matchboxes

*** The Quartet Booklet containing instructions for all the routines. But the real value is this: I scoured the last 200 years of English literature and found the best tips ideas and routines using this gimmick. They have all been ncluded in this booklet. Seriously this booklet alone is worth the price of the trick. It's crammed full of tons of information.

****Video Instruction!!! You will also receive a link that gives you direct access to over 20 videos teaching all of the different routines and moves with the quarter gimmick, matchbox and matches.

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