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Switchblade Aces
Switchblade Aces

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Switchblade Aces

Switchblade Aces

by Nathan Kranzo



DVD OR Instant Download.  




Learn the secrets to the routine that has received high praise from pros around the world.  BUT MORE importantly it is amazing AND entertaining to a LIVE audience!!!  It looks and feels like real magic with a deck of cards. 

This is the type of thing you would do if you could really magically control every card in the deck.  

I was specifically requested to perform this effect on the NBC news after the anchors witnessed me perform it at an event a few nights before.  


Learn step by step the full Switchblade Aces routine.

Can be performed actually blindfolded.

Learn how to cut to the Aces with at the fingertips.

Learn how to stab to an Ace or a Selected Card!

You'll also receive the NBC news show performance.


Order NOW and the download will be emailed to you instantly!!!

*I don't recommend playing with knives.  Parental guidance is advised. 

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