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Imagine an entertaining, funny, impossible and easy routine that plays huge.

Most performers realize the importance of handing out their business cards, but just as important is getting the business card of your audience members.
Remember, everyone is a potential client.  Introduce Free Lunch, an ingenious new mentalism routine that is fast becoming the hottest item amongst professional magicians in the know.

This can be performed two different ways, one for stage and the other for walkaround. Both versions are included with this set.

Performer brings out a small fish bowl, containing about thirty business cards and reads off a few of the names on the cards showing the cards to the people in the front couple of rows. He talks about how restaurants have bowls like this and each week they draw a card out and somebody wins a free lunch. Of course the performer can't give away a free lunch, but might have pickles and jam somewhere.

The performer then drops the cards back in the bowl and shakes them up, mixing them. A spectator is then asked to take out any card while the performer turns his head. Without seeing which card was chosen, the performer is then able to mentally determine information on the card such as phone number, name and even the zip code!

At the end of your show the bowl can be placed out for clients to drop their own cards in the bowl, building up your client list! TC Tahoe uses this on cruise ships to promote and sell his magic DVD.  PLUS LEARN A CLOSE UP VERSION!!!


Free Lunch Set includes:

• Full instructions with routines, TWO VERSIONS for the Stage/Parlor and Close Up Versions by TC Tahoe 

• YOUR FREE LUNCH KIT which includes A BUNCH of business cards to get you started.  You'll receive all this in the mail.

• Digital Download file which contains PDF.



The ORIGINAL version of FREE LUNCH came with the elegant glass FISH BOWL etc. and sold for (and STILL sells for) $150!!!  

Now perform the EXACT same effect with all you need for only $25.  THAT'S A STEAL!!!

Stand up, close up, parlor or stage.  Add FIVE minutes of fun and amazement to your act now!!!  

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