The Conradi Miracle Card Revelation


 - David Penn

 "Fantastic AND it's a magician fooler!!! 

- Craig Petty


Have you ever wanted to produce a NAMED or THOUGHT OF CARD from your pocket instantly?

I'm talking BAM.  No palming and no pocket index.  I've got an answer.  You'll love it.



This is a routine STRAIGHT from my Stand Up Comedy Mentalism Act. THIS IS NOT THE ONLY WAY TO PERFORM IT.

There are several ways to reveal the card. For example NAMED card to Envelope, pocket, fly etc.


I’ll have to admit the fly is my favorite version. I call it The Mind Reading Crotch. You can watch a clip from one of my comedy club shows here.

WARNING. This footage was shot of me performing at a COMEDY CLUB for an adult audience. Adult content and language is used. Please be advised.




Below is a different performance taken at another comedy club.

Special NOTE!

This does NOT use an index. You do NOT have to fumble around to look for the card. In the above video I lingered in my pants for entertainment purposes only. : )

Ok here’s the deal…

I created a special lecture for one of my local rings here in Michigan on February 18, 2010. I decided to tip the routine and make up the gaffs for the first time for this special lecture and the response was overwhelming.

As you can see by the clip not only is it funny but VERY strong. The laughs start coming as soon as you say you are going to send the color with your mind…and then you wipe your forehead with the BLACK handkerchief. LOL! It only gets better from there. So many funny things will happen when you perform this. For example the other night I was performing it for a group and after I wiped my forehead with the OBVIOUSLY BLACK handkerchief I asked the woman what color jumped into her mind. She said “red”. The audience howled!!!!! After a few beats I followed it up with, “Ok Ma’am were gonna give this another try….”.

ANOTHER huge laugh!!!

You’ll have so much fun with this.

And don’t worry….you’ll get lots of uses out of this. NOT just pulling a card out of your fly.  


You will be provided with a Red AND Black deck with Red Handkerchief (any FREAKIN card can be named).

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