The Electronic Psycho Sharpie

The Electronic Psycho Sharpie
By D. Juan Sanchez

Click PLAY to watch the Psycho Sharpie

The possibilities are endless….

  • Cause the Sharpie move and bounce around on any table or bar. No guess work or “WAITING” for the pen to move or fall. You have control.
  • Use the Sharpie to determine which hand holds an object. Openly in your hand or secretly strapped to your arm.
  • You can use the Sharpie as a “thumper” or cue device for mentalism or code acts.
  • Ask a spectator to write down the name of a deceased person. Fold the card up and clip it on the pen. Watch them freak when it moves and then you reveal the deceased name!
  • Borrow ANY two rings and place them on the sharpie. Watch as their energy and love cause the sharpie to go crazy!
    Make the Sharpie fall off of a table, glass, or bottle with the powers of your mind.

This is not your standard magic item; this is a killer! From the brilliant mind of D. Juan Sanchez comes The Electronic Psycho Sharpie.

There are no strings, threads, switches, and absolutely nothing attached to the performer’s body at any point in time. All the “magic” is completely self-contained within the Electronic Psycho Sharpie , and it may be examined at any time!

The power of Electronic Psycho Sharpie is completely at your command.

Only $124.95!!

Comes with the high quality hand made Sharpie and Instructions for use. You will also receive several fantastic presentational ideas to perform with your new toy. : )

Shipped same day. You’ll get it in time for Xmas. Order now!!!

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